6 Ways to Alleviate Indoor Cycling Seat Pain

If you are a newbie in the world exercising or if you are a master in it, you probably don’t like the cycling seat pain.

Cycling is fun and very good for your health but it does come with the pain of sitting on it for a long time. Although there are some ways in which you can lessen the bike seat pain and make your indoor cycling session more energized.

In this article, we are going to discuss the six ways to alleviate indoor cycling seat pain!

So keep on reading to find out more information below about bike seat pain and how to lessen it!

6 ways to alleviate bike seat pain:

 1. Height of bike seat:

 Before you start cycling on your indoor bike first revolution make sure that you have adjusted the bike properly. It has been reported that many people make this mistake without even knowing about it. First of all, you should make sure that your bike seat is not way too high or too low.

If the bike seat is too low or too high then in such case legs do not support the weight of the body while cycling.

So if you have adjusted the height of your bike in an appropriate manner then you will be able to alleviate the bike seat pain to a great extent!

 2. Clothing:

 No matter what kind of exercise you are doing your clothing is going to have a huge impact on your exercise being comfortable for you full stop so when you are going to do some indoor cycling then you should make sure that you are wearing a company pair of shorts.

You should make sure that the shorts that you are wearing are not too tight. Because when you are cycling then the blood circulation in your body is going to be fast.

You do not want to wear tight clothing because then the blood will not be able to circulate properly throughout your body and you might feel nauseous. That is why you should wear comfortable clothing while indoor cycling to lessen the bike seat pain.

 3. Chamois cream:

 Many people who have enough experience in exercising call this cream a Holy Grail. That is because this cream is really helpful in lessening the friction that occurs during the process of exercising.

If you apply this cream directly on top of the padding then you will be able to lessen the friction to a great extent and exercising indoor will not be painful for you anymore!

 4. Cover of seat:

 Make sure that your seat cover is padded!

 5. Hygiene:

 Make sure that you are taking care of your hygiene while exercising. Even if you do a workout session of 20 minutes then you should take a shower after that!

 6. Stay focused:

 Do not listen to the people who say that you will get used to the pain that comes with exercising. Take care of yourself while exercising so you are not harming yourself and stay focused!

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