Redefining Gravel Adventure: The Cervélo Áspero

The Cervélo Áspero gravel bike is engineered to deliver uncompromising speed and performance across various terrains. Here are some key features that highlight its capabilities:

Cervélo Áspero

Performance-Oriented Design: Designed for speed and performance in gravel racing and mixed terrain conditions. It features World Tour level stiffness and aerodynamic frame profiles to enhance speed and efficiency.

Versatility: The Áspero is highly versatile, accommodating different wheel and tire combinations to suit diverse riding preferences and terrain types. It supports both 700c wheels with up to 40mm tires and 650b wheels with up to 49mm tires, giving riders flexibility based on their specific needs.

Enhanced Clearance: The frame offers increased clearance, allowing for larger tire sizes and accommodating various chainring setups, enhancing its capability to tackle rough and varied terrain without compromising speed.

Adjustable Trail: The bike features adjustable trail, which contributes to consistent handling performance across different conditions, ensuring stability and control whether you’re climbing, descending, or navigating technical sections.

Integration for Accessories: It includes provisions for clean integration of accessories, making it practical for long rides or races where carrying additional gear or hydration solutions is necessary without compromising aerodynamics or aesthetics.


Here are the detailed specifications for the Cervélo Áspero:

Frame: Aspero-5 Carbon
Fork: Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Aspero-5 Fork
Rims/Wheels: Reserve 40/44
Tires: Panaracer Gravel King SK, 700x38c
Crankset: Shimano GRX 810, 11 Speed
Chainrings: 48/31T
Bottom Bracket: FSA, BBright thread together, 24mm spindle
Chain: Shimano HG701, 11 speed
Front Derailleur: Shimano GRX, RX815, 11 speed
Rear Derailleur: Shimano GRX, RX815, 11 speed
Cassette/Rear Cogs: Shimano HG800, 11-34, 11 Speed
Shifters: Shimano GRX, RX815, 11 speed
Handlebars: Cervélo AB09 Carbon, 31.8mm clamp, 16 degree flare
Stem: Cervélo ST32 Alloy
Brakes: Shimano GRX RX810, Shimano MT800 Centerlock Rotors
Pedals: Sold separately
Saddle: Prologo Dimension NDR Nack
Seat Post: Cervélo SP19 Carbon 27.2 OR Easton EA50 Alloy (options available)
Extras: Smartpak 400A Top Tube Storage Bag

These specifications highlight Áspero focus on high-performance components suitable for gravel riding and racing. The carbon frame and fork provide a lightweight yet sturdy platform, while the Shimano GRX components ensure precise shifting and braking performance in varied conditions. The included Panaracer Gravel King SK tires and Reserve 40/44 wheels are well-suited for gravel terrain, offering traction and durability. Overall, this setup combines comfort, reliability, and performance, making the Cervélo Áspero a capable choice for gravel enthusiasts seeking both speed and comfort.

Cervélo Áspero 2025

Comfort and Performance

The 2025 Cervélo Áspero review represents a balanced approach to gravel biking, focusing on comfort and performance without the premium price tag. Here are the key highlights of this model:

Affordable Carbon Frame: Designed for gravel enthusiasts who prioritize comfort and speed over weight savings, the Áspero features a carbon frame that strikes a balance between stiffness and compliance. This construction supports a forgiving ride quality suitable for long distances and varied terrain.

Geometry Updates: While maintaining the core geometry of the original Áspero, minor adjustments have been made to enhance versatility. This includes increased capacity for different chainring setups and tire sizes, allowing riders to customize their bike according to their riding style and terrain preferences.

Component Highlights:

SRAM Apex Groupset: The electronic SRAM Apex groupset brings reliable shifting performance and quiet operation, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Fulcrum Wheelset: While considered middling, the Fulcrum wheelset provides adequate performance for gravel riding. It complements the bike’s capabilities without overshadowing its intended comfort-focused design.

Finishing Kit: The Áspero is equipped with a carbon handlebar and a semi-integrated front end, contributing to a sleek appearance and functional ergonomics.

Performance: The bike is noted for its capability in climbing and descending at speed, making it suitable for various gravel conditions. It offers a responsive feel without compromising on stability, thanks to its well-balanced design and component selection.

Value Proposition: Positioned at a competitive price point, the 2025 Cervélo Áspero delivers a combination of performance, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. It’s designed to meet the needs of gravel riders looking for a reliable and versatile bike that performs well across different terrains.

Overall, the 2024 Cervélo Áspero stands out as a solid choice for gravel cyclists who seek a well-rounded bike that excels in comfort and speed, supported by quality components that enhance the riding experience without breaking the bank.

Speed and performance

The 2025 Cervélo Áspero continues to prioritize speed and performance in gravel riding, adhering closely to its goal of being the fastest gravel bike available. Here’s an overview of its key features and updates:

Focus on Speed: The Áspero remains dedicated to achieving maximum speed on gravel surfaces, emphasizing efficiency and performance without compromising on weight or complexity.

Simplified Design: Unlike some competitors that incorporate flex pivots or suspension forks for compliance, Cervélo opts for a streamlined approach. The bike relies on tire choice and frame geometry adjustments for compliance, aiming to maintain a lightweight and straightforward design.

Compliance Tuning: The 2025 model introduces tweaks like dropping the seat stays and slightly reducing front-end stiffness. These adjustments are aimed at enhancing comfort and compliance, crucial for long rides and rough terrain, without sacrificing overall performance.

Frame Engineering: Cervélo has engineered the frame to flex in strategic areas, contributing to the bike’s ability to absorb vibrations and impacts from gravel surfaces while maintaining its rigidity and responsiveness during acceleration and handling.

Continued Versatility: Like its predecessors, the 2024 Áspero remains versatile, accommodating different wheel and tire setups to suit various riding preferences and terrain conditions. This adaptability ensures that riders can optimize their setup for speed, comfort, and control based on their specific needs.

Overall, the 2025 Cervélo Áspero refines its design by balancing stiffness and compliance, focusing on maximizing speed and performance in gravel riding. It’s engineered for riders who prioritize efficiency and seek a competitive edge in gravel races or adventurous rides over mixed terrain.

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