10 Most Popular Jeep Wrangler Models of All Time

The Jeep Wrangler has achieved iconic status in the motoring world and owners loyal to the brand are constantly debating which models deserve the accolade of being the best of all time.

You can trawl back for decades in your search for the best model. The Jeep Scrambler, for instance, was popular back in the 1980s. That model is the inspiration behind a Jeep Wrangler truck conversion that enables a Wrangler Unlimited to become a 2-door model with a pickup bed.

So which models can be considered the most iconic and inspirational over the years?

Here are the contenders, in no particular order.

Jeep Wrangler

This TJ model offered the best of both world

Its second-generation Wrangler, unveiled in 1997, became a hugely popular model as a result of its ability to provide impressive responsive handling either on the road or when hitting the trails.

The YJ proved to be a distinctive part of Wrangler’s history

There was a lot of debate at the time about this model’s distinctive square headlights, but the YJ won over the doubters with an improved comfort experience combined with great off-road capabilities.

Jeep’s first four-door proved to be a winner

The JK model it introduced in 2007 proved to be a big hit. The longer wheelbase, four doors, and noticeably more space in the cabin were all features that made the JK a winner with Jeep enthusiasts.

The last of the TJs proved to be iconic

The last TJ model rolled off the production line back in 2006. It proved to be a tough act to follow for the JK that followed it. Great maneuverability and an impressive 4-liter engine with a huge 190hp meant that the TJ left its mark.

The JK satisfied Wrangler fans who wanted a sportier model

Wrangler unveiled the JK Sport in 2013 and it proved to be very popular who hankered after a sportier version of this iconic brand.

A convertible top together with stylish 16-inch steel wheels helped seal the deal.

This anniversary model proved a great way to celebrate a legendary design

A decade after the first Jeep Wrangler Rubicon hit the showrooms its 10th-anniversary edition was met with rapturous approval by enthusiasts.

A combination of ruggedness and comfort meant that the 2013 anniversary Rubicon earned its own legendary status.

The Willys Wheeler JK model is a nod to Jeep’s military history

One glance at the model left you in no doubt that its design was inspired by the military jeeps used by troops in battle.

This model is one for the purists and pays homage to the brand’s glorious history.

The Unlimited North Edition is a recent addition to its stable of stars

It might have only been introduced in 2020 but it deserves its place on the list because it offers the best of both worlds. Inspired by the Sahara model, it is bristling with the latest technology so that it can conquer any conditions and terrain.

This 2018 Rubicon upholds a strong reputation

There is little doubt that the Rubicon models have proved to be the toughest and strongest stars of the Wrangler range.

As a relatively new model, it delivers in spades when it comes to drivability and off-roading capabilities, thanks to a powerful engine and impressive ground clearance, thanks to its 33-inch wheels.

This fourth-generation JL has it all

This 2018 version saw a number of noticeable upgrades and new features. Notably, a very contemporary interior and a zipperless soft top were two standout improvements.

The Wrangler models featured here have met with approval from enthusiasts and enjoyed critical acclaim. Whatever model turns out to be your favorite, there is no debating that the Jeep continues to be a much-loved and admired brand.

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