10 RV Storage Hacks To Make the Most of Your Space

No matter how big an RV you are driving you can often do with a bit more space for all of your things. It is easier than you think to create some more space by following some simple storage hacks.

When you have found the perfect vehicle for your needs by seeing what a Calgary RV dealer has to offer, for instance, here are some useful hacks to help you get the most storage out of the space you have available.

An easy and space-saving way to dry your dishes

Counter space can be hard to come by in any size of RV. A good solution would be to buy a dish drainer that fits in your sink. That means you can dry your dishes without taking up valuable space.

The drain tray is easy to store too, so it’s a cheap and simple way to save space.

Storage Hacks

A good option for bedside storage

A bedside caddy is a great way of storing all of your usual nighttime items without taking up too much space. You can get one that fits between your boxspring and mattress, making it easy to access.

Less space is required for these bowls

As soon as you discover a nesting mixing bowl set you won’t believe how much cupboard space it gives you back.

Everything you need fits neatly together in one stack, taking up a lot less room.

Get organized in the shower

Your RV shower room can soon feel a bit cramped with all of your washing items in it. If you buy a shower pocket organizer you can get all of the items you need in it and reclaim some of that space.

A good place for your toothbrushes

Fit a caddy to the inside of your bathroom cabinet door and you will be able to store your toothbrushes. They are out of sight but easy to reach, and there’s less clutter.

A neat waste basket idea

Another good idea for making space is to use all of your available cupboard doors in the kitchen and bathroom area to fit a waste basket that hooks onto the inside of the door.

Make the most of wall space

Devices like an iPad can soon create clutter when they are left lying around. Make the most of your wall space by using some suitable hooks that make it easy to store on the wall.

You could even place it where you can watch programs without getting it down from off the wall.

Maximize your space under tables

There are some useful under-table drawers you can get that utilize a space that often goes unused.

These trays act as drawers and are brilliant for storing items away that you can reach easily.

Could your bed frame become a storage space?

Another great space-saving idea would be to consider swapping your usual bed frame for some storage pieces. They still give you the support you need for the bed but you also get loads more options to put stuff away from sight.

Redesign your closet space

It is worth spending time customizing your closet with a shelving system that makes the most use of the space you have available. Extra drawers and shelving could make all the difference.

Can you take advantage of some of these hacks and make your RV as neat and tidy as possible?

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