12 Important Motorcycle Safety Tips Every Rider Should Know

Are you wondering how to stay safe while riding a bike? It’s a great goal to have, one that can save your life.

Riding a motorcycle is fun and exciting. Being out on the road without the restriction of a car or truck can make you feel energized and happy. While there are a few emotional benefits to riding a bike, there are also physical benefits. Just by riding a motorcycle, you can improve your core strength, increase your insulin sensitivity, and even boost your cognitive functioning. 

However, when riding a motorcycle, you need to be serious about bike safety. The reality is, you are more likely to get into an accident when riding a motorcycle than when driving a car or truck. And you are much more likely to be seriously injured or die when you are riding a motorcycle than when you are driving a car.

For these reasons, focusing on motorcycle safety is essential. 

Fortunately, by following a few tips and making a few adjustments while driving, you can decrease your chances of a serious accident. If you love riding motorcycles but want to stay as safe as possible, this short and simple guide is for you. 

1. Take Riding Courses

A great way to ensure you are safe on the road is to take riding courses. By taking motorcycle courses, you can learn everything you need to know to stay safe while riding. 

Consider taking refresher courses yearly to keep up-to-date with your safety training. You can also take advanced safety courses that teach you basic techniques that can help you save a life should you get in an accident. 

2. Always Wear Your Helmet

One of the basics of staying safe is wearing a helmet. Because you are not protected by the frame of a car, getting into a motorcycle accident increases your risk of serious head injury. To ensure you are as safe as possible, make sure you always wear your helmet when riding. 

3. Wear the Appropriate Gear 

A great way to ride safely is to wear the appropriate gear. You should be wearing a reinforced jacket, denim or leather pants, safety eyeglass, ankle support, and more. Wearing these items can reduce your risk of serious injury when you are riding on the street or road. 

4. Maintain Your Motorcycle 

A great safety tip every rider should know is to maintain your motorcycle. A poorly maintained motorcycle is more likely to break down or stop running, even while you are driving. If you own a Honda motorcycle, make sure you are using quality honda motorcycle parts.

5. Follow the Traffic Rules 

While traffic rules can seem like an inconvenience, they are put in place for a reason. When everyone follows the rules, the risks of getting into an accident decrease significantly. To keep yourself and others safe, make sure you are following all the traffic rules and laws.

6. Avoid Reckless Driving 

One of the best vehicle safety tips to follow is to avoid reckless driving. This can cause a variety of problems that result in serious accidents and crashes. Make sure you are avoiding speeding, failing to yield for vehicles, tailgating, and more. 

7. Watch the Road

One of the most effective safety tips is to keep your eyes on the road. This gives you time to react should something happen, such as a vehicle stopping suddenly. Make sure you are scanning the width of the road instead of just looking directly in front of you. 

8. Stay In Your Comfort Zone

While zipping in and out between cars can seem like a faster way to get to your destination, it can also cause major accidents and injuries. For this reason, consider staying in your comfort zone while driving. Avoid trying tricks or new driving techniques while you are riding your motorcycle. 

9. Check the Weather Before You Ride

Weather conditions are one of the most common causes of accidents, for cars and trucks as well as motorcycles. For this reason, checking the weather before your ride is a great way to remain safe. If you have to ride in poor weather conditions, make sure you are riding as carefully as possible. 

10. Avoid Distractions

If you want to stay safe while riding your motorcycle, you need to avoid distractions while you are on the road. Distracted driving increases motorcycle crashes and results in more fatalities. Avoid distractions from phone calls, adjusting your radio, passengers, rubbernecking, and more. 

11. Educate Your Passenger 

If you regularly give passengers a ride on your motorcycle, make sure you educate them so they can help you stay safe instead of hindering you. 

Make sure your passenger gears up and wears a helmet, heavy gloves, boots, and more. Let them know how to sit behind you, such as if you prefer their arms around your waist or on your shoulder. Show them the hot parts of the bike to avoid touching, and make sure they understand the seriousness of the situation.

At best, a passenger can be someone who enjoys the ride as much as you do. At worst, they can be a distraction that causes a minor or serious accident. 

12. Use Common Sense 

One of the best ways to stay safe while riding a motorcycle is to use your common sense. Make sure you know what you are doing and are well-prepared to be on the road. Don’t take risks, check your blind spots, and avoid speeding.

Bike Safety: These Are the Safety Tips Every Motorcycle Rider Should Know

By using these bike safety tips, you can be as safe as possible while riding your motorcycle.

Start by taking riding courses and wearing the right gear. You should also know the rules of the road, maintain your motorcycle, and avoid reckless driving. Make sure you avoid distractions, watch the road, and use your common sense while riding. 

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to riding safely. 

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