2024 Pontiac trans am Price And Top Model

Pontiac Trans am series is one of the longest-running championships, which is presented by Pirelli. The designer of PontiacTrans AM made the mode a mix of classic and modern to make the structure more appealing and attractive the front end of the sedan is lowered to the ground, the hood is long and flat. On the top air intake and consumption is huge. The rear has a thin spoiler, with three LED lines on the rear end. Indoor design is vintage designed in combination with high and technology customers can find beautiful designing on seats, headrest, and mat on floors doorways are also painted, vents are also antique.

2022 Pontiac trans

2022 Pontiac Trans AM specs, an astonishing invention, of introduced in the market as a coupe that with three trim levels only, an excellent high-end formula, a firebird base, and Trans Am. All the Pontiac Trans AM 2022 have two airbags in their safety system, an automatic brake, and a transmission lock. All doors are cruise control and electric. All doors are convertible and standard. A/c is standard. For making the sound system more effective 12-disc CD changer can be installed. The great change in the structure of the brand new 2022 Pontiac Trans for sale is a new traction control system that involves brake intervention and works on dropping engine torque. It is used as an alternative for all of V8S. A 5-film aluminum wheel is another specific feature. 245/502R16 Eagle RSA air tire was used in a sedan.

2022 Pontiac trans am

Pontiac trans am Engine

All three trim levels are convertible. Rear-wheel can provide power to drive 5.4-speed manual and 3.4 liter V6 along with 4-speed automatic. V8 is paired with –speed manual and 4-stage automatic optional. The engine has a capacity of 7-4 liter along with 1000 hp and 1046 torque. Due to these capabilities, it is considered the best Car Cover in the market.

2023 Pontiac trans am Price

Its price can be higher than $ 100,000? It is made for speed having appealing look for its customers. 2022 Pontiac Trans AM Top speed is designed with modified engine power and energy, having a modern and appealing structure and layout. For passionate drivers, it has an attractive look and features. 


In the 1960s and 70s, firebirds were being used in the trans-AM series .there were misconceptions that the model could not complete in the market in trans-AM. Because it is considered that it was too large to use such a smallest engine in series ( 6.6L)

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