2024 Apollo Intensa Emozione Price And Top Speed

Apollo Intensa Emozione(Apollo IE)

The Apollo Intensa Emozione also called the IE, it’s a sports car designed by German automobile constructor along with his colleague. They worked for it and get designed their vehicle by Jowyn Wong, who was their chief designer. Before 14 years ago this was their first production ever. After that Intensa Emozione was seen in a video clip just back away on Oct 17, 2017. In the same month, the car was unveiled on Oct 24, 2017. It was sold out in the US for $2,670,000 and in Europe for €2,300,000. Apollo IE Top Speed (Manufacturer name) Started a partnership with HWA AG to make it technically the best racing car and hence the last step of development of the vehicle has been completed in this way and finally latest edition of Intensa Emozione was exposed in June 2018. It has all the features of these race cars such as GT1 (Porsche 911 GT1), and GT3/LMP(Le Mans Prototype).

Apollo IE

Intensa Emozione Exterior Features and Dimensions:

Intensa Emozione is a racecar of (199.4 × 78.5 × 44.5) inches (length×width×height). Its Ground clearance is 4.3 inches but when elevated to max. The height it is 6.3 inches off the ground Its Exterior has an amazing feature of aircraft or ships that it has monocoque (single shell body). It has a ceramic brake pad to increase its durability. It is composed of a V12 engine. The most inspiring and outstanding characteristic of Apollo IE for sale is that it has many radical and sculpted lines and its best alloys have been used in exotic materials that offer more resistance to corrosion and deformations. Its overall body shape is made after inspiration from jet fighters and sharks. The massive rear wing offers over 2,976 lbs.’ of downforce at 186 mph, and the rear is finished off with a trident-style triple exhaust exit. The Intensa Emozione IE trolls on a set of 20-inches front and 21-inch rear counterfeit aluminum BBS rims, a wheelbase of 106.3 inches. Its total weight is 2,756 pounds.

Apollo IE

Apollo Intensa Emozione interior Design:

The interior of the Apollo Intensa Emozione precio is all made of carbon fiber and Alcantara which is highly durable and gives stain resistance. It has hinged doors. The removable steering wheel helps to move in or out of the car. It does not have any cargo space. It has an air conditioning system and windshield defroster. It is also composed of interior LED headlights to make the inner area illuminated. The infotainment system is comprised of 12 inches display that has driver’s access to monitor some other features. It has a V12 engine. The 6.3-liter unit produces a huge power of 780 hp at the rate of 8,500 rpm and a torque of 561 lb-ft. It has a pneumatic transmission mode.Its top speed is 208 mph. The 26.4-gallon fuel tank is fitted in Apollo ie price. It has a mid-engine.

Apollo IE 2024

Apollo Intensa Emozione Safety equipments:

Various safety equipment have been installed in it for self-protection. It has also an integrated fire suppressant system and features for Driver assistance.

Apollo Intensa Emozione’s Worth:

There were only 10 cars manufactured by the manufacturer and customers bought this racing car for $2,670,000.

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