2024 Bobber Bike Price And Features

Bobber Bike

Bobber Bike is a new single-seater bike with extraordinary qualities and striking features. This bobber bike offers excellent performance and has a distinctive design from other sports bikes or street bikes. Bobber bikes are available in four trim levels and based on Forty-two. In the Indian market, there was already a 42 brand but that was not a bobber bike. Before it, there was a Perak Bike which was manufactured by “Perak Yezdi” and after getting inspiration from Perak, the company decided to manufacture its advanced and modern version with new features, colors and more comfortable than this older one. Although it may have some similarities yet Indian Scout Bobber Bike is far better than the Perak in styling, comfort, and performance.

Bobber Bike

Extraordinary Features and Dynamic Design of 42 Bobber Bike:

The Bobber Bike has a large circular-shaped LED headlight without halogen lighting. It has a revised version of the cockpit with an entirely different instrument cluster having a digital display which everyone needs in this educated society. This digital display works as a speedometer, tachometer, odometer, and fuel gauge which shows fuel warnings. Unlike Perak, it is differently designed it has 2 USB ports for charging and a newly designed switchgear. All the electric bobber bikes carry larger wheels in size as well as in width and have large fuel tanks with easy access to knees which is helpful for easy handling and safe driving.

When we talk about the bike’s revised edition, it’s necessary to improve its ergonomics and suspension system. In the perak Bobber bike the taillights were present just beneath the seat and in the Bobber bike for sale taillights are below the fender. All of its variants are another name for excellence and agility but dual-tone red is the most beautiful color with a glossy shine, high-performance engine, and improved suspension system. The front round-shaped headlights carry 42 badging which looks amazing. The front telescopic fork and rear mono shocks in its suspension with dual disc brakes help to provide a comfortable ride even on bumpy roads.

Bobber Bike 2024

Shortcomings of the Bobber Bikes:

Most of the reviews show there must be some changes in these triumph bobber bikes because, except for stylish and dynamic design, comfort must be the rider’s priority. these bikes are without rear stand or support. The second thing is that the rearview mirrors do not work properly and do not protect from collisions. The owners of indian bobber suggested having a rack or luggage box to put their accessories on long rides.

Engine Specifications of Bobber Bike:

These bobber motorcycles get power from single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine with 334cc engine displacement which produces a maximum power of 33bhp which is coupled with the production of 32.7 Nm torque. This power and torque are enough for a smooth and comfortable ride. The fuel economy recorded its mileage of about 30kmpl and has access to a maximum speed of 130kmph.

Cost Of 42 Bobber Bikes:

Just looking at the extraordinary stainless steel frame with heavy bike machinery and five-spoke 18 inches larger front wheel than 17 inches smaller wheel, The company has to pay a lot in its manufacturing and assemblage of spare parts so they decided to nominate its ex-showroom price of 2,27,461 Indian rupees.

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