2024 Tata Sumo Price And Top Speed

Tata Sumo 2024

Tata Sumo 2024 is a legendary SUV manufactured by Tata Motors and first time used as a roader capable for military purpose or family vehicles. Tata Sumo New Model has its two generations only with its 9 variants. Tata Motors launched Tata Sumo in the years between 1994- 2019 after which the company discontinued its production. Its second generation was launched in 2008 and it continued till 2016. These model years brought a lot of modifications like the facelift version or many other improvements in engine, performance, and efficiency. It was the first-ever passenger vehicle in Indian market.

tata sumo

All the versions or iterations designed by New Tata Sumo was diesel-operated, there were no petrol variant for Tata Sumo grande. We are talking about the “Gold ” Version of Tata Sumo popular as Tata Sumo CX BS IV which was launched in the year 2011 and has undergone many modifications in its internal as well as external design. Almost the entire interior has been changed from its upholstery to comfort everything is designed in a new fashion by giving it a luxurious appearance and have more suitable interior. By improving its suspension system the vehicle has made its riding quality much better than its previous versions.

Exterior Design and Further Specifications:

The external design of Tata Sumo Gold is precious although it resembles to the designs of old vehicles yet old is gold. Although it offers a smooth ride with high performance and a highly efficient engine. Its exterior design is much improved than its previous versions. The front side carries a smooth bonnet and circular LED headlights on both sides of black chrome finish grill having a central logo of Tata Motors.

Tata Sumo Gold version has high ground clearance which protects it from debris, mud or some other materials. It has large 16 inches tires with a silver finish which offers maximum grip on the ground and provides sharp turning radius. It has a double wishbone in the front side and parabolic leaf spring suspension on the rear side, which make it easy to move on a bumpy ride. The rear side also has taillights, rear fenders, and Tata Badging on it. Overall it offers a sharp and decent view of its exterior design.

Interior Design and Other Specifications of Tata Sumo:

tata sumo Interior

Tata Sumo 7 seater family vehicle with 5 doors, well spaced and well furnished to make it a luxurious and comfortable vehicle. The interior is decorated with light grey or off-white colored leather upholstery. Front seats have seat belts, cupholders and armrests. Its interior is made spacious to offer large space for headroom or legroom.

Engine Specifications of Tata Sumo:

Tata Sumo engine is powered by a 3.0 L CR4 Diesel engine with engine displacement of 2956cc  which generates power of 84bhp/3000rpm which is coupled with the production of 250Nm/1000rpm.

Fuel tank capacity of Tata Sumo:

Tata Sumo is a 7-seater large-sized vehicle, on the basis of its dimensions it has large fuel tank with a fuel tank capacity of 65L .It uses Diesel as fuel in it.

Mileage of Tata Sumo:

tata sumo 2024

Tata Sumo mileage comes out with a much-improved version of Vinka in performance and ride quality. So, The fuel economy has recorded its mileage at about 16km/l.

Tata Sumo Top speed:

Depending upon its acceleration and average speed, it reaches up to a top speed of  140km/h. It comes out among one of the faster and quicker vehicles of that time.

Tata Sumo Price:

The muscular external design and stylish graphics made it superior from other iterations. Tata Motors has announced very cheap prices of its products which anyone can easily afford it, having smooth ride qualities and a giant engine. For this model, the company has announced its cost in 6.7 Lakhs in Indian Rupees.

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