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2025 Cadillac Escalade

2024 Cadillac Escalade is an American full-size luxury SUV launched in 1999 and this model belongs to the 4th generation variant of 2019. It is available only in petrol engines.  Bob Bony Face designed this variant in a very elegant and decent manner. Escalade was the first model of Cadillac and was mostly liked by well-known persons or celebrities of India at that time. In Automotive History, it was one of the best iconic SUVs. During the war in the Madevell period, people climbed up the wall upstairs and it is called an escalade so its name was known as Escalade due to this reason.

cadillac escalade

Exterior Design:

The glorious exterior is so beautiful and its mind-blowing features win the hearts of Cadillac enthusiasts. The external features include 142 exterior LED lights, LED fog lamps, a bold platinum grill with Galvano chrome finish and Cadillac logo, a Front camera, Cadillac signature LED headlamps, LED cornering projector lamps with DRLs, Rain Sensing wipers, Antenna roof rails, and heated power-adjustable foldable side mirrors with cameras.

The body length of Cadillac Escalade v is 5.1 m and 1.9m in height. It has 22 inches 9 spoke Aluminium wheels with a silver finish with three different designs furnished with disc brakes at both ends. After its successful history, now Cadillac Escalade 2024 is available in red white silver steel bronze, and black color. On its rear side there are also fog lights, rear cameras, Escalade badging,  Cadillac Logo, High mount stop lamps with wipers, light blade tail lamps and top model Platinum “P” badging, Its body parts are assembled in the USA. Cadillac Escalade Sale has maximum bot space with a tool kit.

Interior Design:

cadillac escalade interior 2025

Cadillac Escalade interior has a clean dashboard with a leather leather-wrapped rack and pinion steering wheel with variable assist and power-operated technology and has an instrument panel. The instrument panel supports USB, Bluetooth, navigation, and a climate control system. It also offers Android Car Play and Android Auto compatibility, Text SMS, etc. It has seat folding buttons, a 12V charging port, and glass holders.

The 16-speaker sound system, trimmed door, ashtray, bottle holders and retractable footsteps are the common features of every vehicle. The leather upholstery, sunroof, microfibre headliner, front two seats carry LCD of 7 inches at their backside, roof-mounted 9 inches diagonal Screen with many options, etc are its distinctive and luxurious features. The driver’s side also has extra space for sitting and has an infotainment system with speakers.

Engine Specifications:

Cadillac Escalade’s bonnet carries a 6200cc V8 ECOTECH 3 L 86 petrol engine with an external oil cooler and active fuel management which produces 420hp and 621Nm torque. Its fuel capacity is 98L.

cadillac escalade 2025

Safety Features:

Cadillac Escalade has safety-directed seats that send pulses on the right and left sides of the driver’s seats to diagnose threats. It has an adaptive remote start system by which the vehicle can be started even if you are 91m away. It has an automatic climate control system by which the interior temperature will automatically be controlled by the outside temperature.

Cadillac Escalade is a four-wheel drive and has an automatic parking assist by which the driver has to monitor braking, gears, and acceleration. It has 6 airbags, ABS, Hill assist, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, side blind zone alert, rear vision cameras, traction system, electronic stability control, and engine mobilizer.

Cadillac Escalade Price:

Cadillac Escalade Price is one of the most important and most liked vehicles of Indian Celebrities having excellent performance and advanced safety features full of luxury and comfort. The companies demand high price ranges due to their features and the peaceful home-like environment they provide to their customers. Its top model is Platinum whose ex-showroom price started from 1cror and it was sold out in 1cror 40 lakhs in Indian Rupees.

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