3 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike cars, most motorcycles don’t come built with safety features like airbags and seatbelts. However, most do have robust braking systems, grip tires, and excellent handling. Even with these excellent features, riding a motorcycle still poses a significant amount of risk. Sadly, motorcycle accidents have become commonplace in our society today due to the vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road.

Several factors can increase the risk of motorcycle accidents. Knowing the risk factors can help motorcyclists mitigate road accidents. This article explores three common causes of motorcycle accidents.

1. Defective Parts


Riding a motorcycle with defective parts is one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle manufacturer may be held liable for accidents resulting from defective motorcycle parts. While auto insurance coverage may be sufficient to handle the repair costs, it doesn’t cover a personal injury claim. Sometimes, the courts may be your best bet in getting fair compensation.

With that in mind, you have to hire a personal injury attorney. So you know, there are attorneys who specialize in litigating a motorcycle accident claim. If you live in areas prone to motorcycle accidents, get a motorcycle accident lawyer on retainer to help cover your bases. By way of example, motorcycle accidents happen all the time in Orlando, Florida. It behooves any motorcyclist living in Orlando to hire an experienced Orlando motorcycle accident attorney to help with their motorcycle accident case.

An experienced attorney will ensure that you get fair compensation after a motorcycle accident. Motor accident victims find the claims process daunting even with legal assistance. Working with a motorcycle accident lawyer is your best bet in settling a motorcycle accident claim and obtaining fair financial compensation. If you ever require legal representation in a car accident or an injury case, don’t hesitate to contact experienced personal injury lawyers. The motorcycle accident attorney will outline your legal options, provide sound legal advice, and give you peace of mind.

2. Inexperienced Drivers

There’s no gainsaying that driver errors are one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents. Unlike inexperienced motorcyclists, experienced motorcyclists know how best to mitigate these errors. Inexperienced motorcycle drivers tend to make a lot of risky moves while riding on the road. Nine times out of ten, these risky moves put other motorists at risk. For instance, Inexperienced motorcyclists run the risk of being in an accident when they fail to signal to lane change before changing lanes.

Many inexperienced riders engage in lane splitting. While this practice of riding in-between two lanes is dangerous, it is also illegal in certain parts. Riders with little or no experience often follow too closely to other vehicles on the road, causing them to make sudden stops when riding. Abrupt stops are known to cause serious bodily injuries and death to motorcyclists.

Another practice that puts inexperienced riders at risk is right-of-way errors. Many inexperienced motorcyclists don’t know how to make sound judgments of distance while making a left turn. This is what causes a significant proportion of left-turn accidents.

3. Speeding


Over speed is a common cause of both motorcycle accidents and car accidents. It’s nearly impossible for a motorcyclist to react to oncoming traffic when at high speeds. Often, the collision results in serious head injuries and, in dire cases, could be fatal.

Moreover, some culpable motorcycle riders usually drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You see, the thing is, driving under the influence makes the motorcyclist susceptible to criminal and civil liabilities.

The fact that motorcycles don’t have coverings makes them susceptible to extreme weather and dangerous road conditions. Driving at high speeds during heavy rains could cause the motorcycle to drift off the road. More so, dilapidated roads with potholes, debris, and crumbling pavement can make riders lose control of their motorbikes.

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