3 DIY Car Windshield Maintenance Tips

All Things Break Down Eventually
The best windshield will get dings and scratches, it will get dents, streaks will become permanent, and a whole host of other things. There’s just no way around it. In order for you to keep your windshield working as it should, restrict leakage in your car around the windshield’s seal, and avoid cracks, there are things you can do.

For example, when broad weather snaps come, be careful how you warm up or cool down your car. If you keep the inside of a vehicle warm and go into subzero temperatures from a garage suddenly, the pressure difference from the warmth inside and the cold outside can impact the glass for varying reasons, causing cracks to extend up your windshield before your eyes.

So as you go about switching temperatures, doing so in a gradual way can be advisable. This is one tip for climates where there’s extreme weather; following we’ll briefly explore three more to help you get the most life out of your windshield. Properly maintained, you may never have to replace it—though there’s an argument to be made for doing so at intervals.

1. Shut Doors With Care And Firmness; Never Slam
Whenever you slam a door you’re sending a certain physical shock throughout your vehicle. You can do this a hundred times and nothing will happen; but there will be one time where you slam the door too hard and break the glass on a door, or even crack your windshield. Force that hits certain substances certain ways can cause serious damage.

Get in the habit of closing your car doors firmly but without any level of force that would send a shock of force into the glass which could damage it. The older the vehicle, the older the windshield is likely to be. Accordingly, glass will be at a brittle point eventually. So don’t slam your doors.

2. Plan On Inspecting And/Or Replacing Windshields At Intervals
Just as you replace belts at the 100k mile mark, or you change the oil every 3k to 7k miles depending on whether you use synthetics, you’ll want to have the glass of your windshield inspected. While your windshield, properly cared for, may never need replacement, there are things in your environment which can make this necessity more likely.

Especially if you’re driving off-road a lot, or behind semis, varying rocks can chip the glass and generally be a real nuisance. If you’re having a tough time seeing out your windshield, it is time to consider if replacement is worth pursuing. If you’re thinking it may be time, you can explore websites like glass.net to see what’s available, and associated costs.

3. Strategically Park, Replacing Wipers, Good Cleaning Products
Parking under trees is a bad idea for your windshield. Though, it can be a good idea in keeping your car from being baked by the hot sun. There’s a tradeoff here, and you should take things on a case-by-case basis. Generally, it’s better not to park under trees where there may be a high degree of bird excreta. Also, avoid construction sites where equipment falls.

As regards wipers, you want to get those replaced at intervals. Usually you’ll get a pair to last you at least 10,000 miles, if you’re savvy; but sometimes road conditions force faster replacement, so keep that in mind.

When it comes to cleaning products, you definitely need to use them. Here’s a guide to the top ten best glass-cleaning products for windshields. Using them regularly will assure you can always see out your windshield, and you preserve its longevity overall. That windshield won’t clean itself!

Getting The Most Out Of Your Windshield
Be conscious as regards temperature changes, shut doors firmly but never slam them, plan on inspection or replacement at intervals, park strategically, replace wipers, and use proper cleaning products. Altogether, such action should preserve the life of your windshield as long as it’s possible to.

You can’t control things like rocks from semis on crowded highways in bad weather, but you can set yourself and your vehicle’s windshield up for success by thinking about your environment, and making the right moves in terms of maintenance or replacement.

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