3 Super Cool Car Interior Lights Modification For Mercedes Benz

The interior lights of the new Mercedes Benz S Class have been getting lots of attention recently. While we may not have all the details yet, we do know that the new lights will be far brighter than before. This is a huge upgrade for a car interior that has been plagued by poor lighting for years.

In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of Mercedes Benz cars being sold worldwide. With that growth comes a large number of Mercedes Benz owners who are looking for ways to enhance the performance and safety of their vehicles. There is no doubt that the most important part of any vehicle is the interior. If a car is going to be driven for hundreds of miles or thousands of miles, then it needs to be comfortable and safe. There are a variety of modifications that can be done to the interior of a vehicle, such as adding airbags and seat belts. However, the lighting system inside a car is one of the least appreciated features of a vehicle. This article looks at how you can modify the lights on a Mercedes Benz to make it look more stylish and unique.

If you are looking for some cool ideas to customize your interior lights in a Mercedes Benz, then here are some cool ideas that you may want to take a look at.

Car Interior Lights

1) LED Cup Coasters

These illuminated LED cup coasters (also called LED cup holder lights) look very cool. If you want to be able to use the cup holders in your car, you need to install them. You can buy them online for a lower price. They are also available in many places that sell car accessories. You will have to spend a little time finding one that will fit your car, but the time is worth it. LED lights are very popular nowadays. They are easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about bulbs burning out. They are also very affordable. You can buy them from CarLEDLogo.

2) LED Door Sill Lights

So if you are concerned about your car doors being scratched by the entry of passengers and want to protect the car door sill from scratches, LED illuminated door sill are the best choice. They will ensure that you have a clear view of your car while your car door is open. The light emitted from the door sill will be very bright, giving you better visibility when you are driving at night or in a parking lot. And this illuminated door sill will definitely enhance your car’s appearance.

You might have wondered if having an illuminated door sill is really necessary. Well, it certainly is! You want to be sure that you have a clear view of the road when you are driving or parking your car at night. Having a clear view of the road means that you will be able to spot any obstacles that may be coming up in the road. This is especially important during the night time when you are driving at night. You can have some scratches on your car door sill if you aren’t careful. Also, if you are parked in a dimly lit parking lot, you won’t be able to see if there is a car that is parked close to yours.

3) LED Ghost Shadow Door Projectors 

To install LED ghost shadow lights(also called puddle lights) on your car door panel, you will need to buy the LED ghost light kit. Then, you will need to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. There are two ways to install LED ghost shadow lights: the first way is to cut the original switch wire and install LED ghost shadow lights on the door panel directly; the second way is to remove the old switch and connect the new switch. Then, connect LED ghost lights(also called puddle lights) to the new switch.


So, we can say that, this is an amazing modification done for the Mercedes Benz, which is a must-watch for all those who are looking to change the interiors of their cars. This modification can give a huge upgrade to the overall appearance of your car. This article shows you, how you can change the interior of your car, easily. So, check out this article, and enjoy the interior change of your Mercedes Benz.

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