3 Tips for Buying a Trailer in 2023

Trailers are a practical investment for campers, DIYers, or anyone who looks forward to outdoor activities. However, getting one can get challenging, especially if you are a first-time buyer. It is an expensive purchase, so conducting your research is essential to make an informed decision. Understanding the mechanism of the item you intend to buy and setting a clear budget and expectations for your purchase is necessary. Go through the following tips before buying your trailer in 2023:

  1. Purchase From a Dealership

A licensed dealer, like Penner Trailers on this website, will give you more choices, so you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision. In addition, you will be free from worries about any unusual claims being made against the vehicle, such as theft. Purchasing from a licensed dealer will also ensure quality; you can hold them responsible in case of faults in your trailer. 

A licensed dealer may also have a partnership with insurance firms, which can give you discounts on your vehicle insurance in case of purchase from that particular dealer. It is always a good idea to inquire about such partnerships during your purchase if you plan to get your vehicle insured.

  1. Ensure the Correct Size

The best way to ensure that you buy the right-sized trailer is to consider your needs. Ask yourself if you will use this trailer to move furniture and boxes or if it is only for leisure or travel. It is also essential to ensure that the campers have an adequate capacity so you don’t spend money in vain by overestimating your needs or vice versa.

You must be aware of how much weight your truck can tow, as that limits the trailer’s load capacity. Make sure to take into account the trailer’s empty weight as well as its loaded weight. The ideal towing capacity will depend on your intended use of that trailer.

  1.   Prioritize Durability 

Buying a utility trailer is a long-term investment, and the durability of the trailer should be your priority. Buy one that is weather and water-resistant. Make sure you assess the state of the tires and tire producers. A good way to inspect tires is to check the tread depth, hubs, and breaks first. If you are investing in a second-hand trailer, examine the ceiling for indications of burst pipes and leaking, such as brown spots, bowing, or slumping. Examine corners between the floor and roof structure, within cabinets, and any fixtures for mold. Even if mold is not noticeable, its odor should give it away.


Buying a trailer is a worthwhile investment if you move around a lot, so making an informed decision is crucial. You should always buy from an authorized dealer, check tires, and ensure the durability of your trailer. We recommend setting clear expectations for your purchase and researching before purchasing. Your retailer, in-person or online, will only present the options you ask for. It’s best to conduct a comprehensive online search, shortlist some options, and present it to your retailer as an example.  

If you purchase a second-hand or used trailer, you can always hire an inspection team to ensure that your potential purchase does not have any unlying faults or deteriorated components. Your trailer purchase can only be successful if it is well-informed and tailored to your unique needs.

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