3 Tips for How to Save on Car Shipping Rates

Between 2020 and 2021, within the United States, almost 27 million people moved to a new location. Often, a move will come with shipping your car, especially if you’re making a cross-country move.

Depending on how many times you move, and to where the car shipping rates can start to add up.

Even if you’re only shipping your car once, you can follow a few tips to save a bit of money. If you’re preparing to ship your car, keep reading to get the top three tips that will help you save on your total cost.

1. Be Flexible With Your Ship Dates and Delivery Locations

The more flexible you are with your shipping dates, the more you can expect to save. Choosing specific dates, especially during peak times of the year will ultimately cost you more. Many companies also work with independent transporters so the more flexible you are with pickup dates, the more you could potentially shorten your drop-off times as well.

With that, you should also be flexible with your delivery location if you can. Your location will play a big part in the overall transport schedule. Bigger cities are going to be easier areas to get your car delivered to, although this shouldn’t deter you from seeking direct delivery to smaller or more rural areas.

The thing is, transporters often will have more deliveries toward larger cities, giving your delivery a better chance of being delivered faster if your drop-off location falls along those routes. To get started, choose your shipping service here.

2. Car Shipping Rates: Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Around

A variety of things will affect your overall price for car shipping. These include the following:

  • Preferences for delivery
  • The size of your vehicle
  • Open or enclosed transport
  • Additional services that you choose
  • The weight of your vehicle

All of these factors are good reasons to shop around. Many companies will have different fees for each, and some may also have different specials or savings. The more you shop around, the better chance you will have to find the best rates.

3. Timing Is Everything

It’s true that timing really is everything as there are certain times of the year when car shipping services will be more expensive. The best rule of thumb when it comes to time is to do your best not to use a car shipping company during the summer.

One of the reasons for this is that fuel costs are often higher and the summer months are generally the busiest because people tend to relocate the most during this time due to children not being in school.

The slowest months, however, are going to be between December and February. Car shipping rates will be cheaper and transport times will also be faster.

Navigating the Hustle and Bustle of Car Shipping

Whether you’re moving, delivering a new car, or even selling one, car shipping rates can be difficult to navigate at times. By following these tips, you can expect to save on your overall bill.

You can also expect a much simpler experience when shipping your car. If you found this helpful, keep reading our content to make everyday tasks associated with your car or bike a bit easier.

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