3 Ways to Get In-Car Wi-Fi for Internet Access on the Go

Most of the latest model cars come with Wi-Fi equipment installed. However, some of the old model cars don’t have Wi-Fi as part of the existing design. Those days, we did not have internet rule our lives that much like it is today. Today we need internet for almost everything. Be it online food delivery, shopping, live map navigation, and even playing games like 20Bet live betting etc, almost most of these things we do it online in just one click from wherever we are. So that’s when the new car models introduced Wi-Fi in the existing car design for car navigation and also for various other above mentioned things. But for those cars without inbuilt WiFi there are certain options that they can try in order to get WiFi enabled. Let’s see about the 3 easy ways with which you can get your Wi-Fi plan.

Ways to Get

Suppose your car can support it then your best solution will be using Internet connectivity & Wi-Fi built in the car, as it gets much better reception compared to other mobile connectivity options. Many car manufacturers are designing their cars with Wi-Fi hotspots. But even though your vehicle does not have any Wi-Fi, it is simple to bring back connectivity in your car by looking at 3 different ways to achieve it.

Why Need Wi-Fi Connectivity In Your Car?

There are several reasons for having WiFi connectivity in your car, some of the examples are:

For social connections: Just like the mobile phone and various other communication modes at a time, the Internet is completely invaluable to keep our world connected. Hence, you will not miss much without the Internet in the car, but to have a consistent connection surely pays off.

For remote work: There is no doubt, huge demand for WiFi comes from the people who are working remotely. Also, remote employees are on a steady rise – and some estimates state that there will be an increase of 87% by the year 2025. For such people, having Internet in-car has become quite a necessity.

For playing games when getting bored: Another option that wants to have an internet connection in their car is for playing live betting games and other games when getting bored.

Today most smartphones come well-equipped with the mobile “hotspot” feature and mobile providers offer this service without any additional charge, thus why will you need the Wi-Fi connectivity in the car? There are some reasons why you may prefer the car Wi-Fi over the mobile hotspot.

1. Consider installing the wireless routers

Though a bit costlier than OBD devices, the installed wireless router can give you a much better connection, so you will not need to worry about plugging in anything. The car routers will range anywhere between $200 and $600 and must be installed professionally.

2. Use your cell phone’s hotspot

Another solution is firing up your Wi-Fi hotspot on the smartphone. This allows the passengers to share their phone data connection without any extra fee. But, the Wi-Fi hotspot function drains your mobile phone’s battery, thus you will need to keep the phone plugged in the charger. Most of the phones time out the hotspot functionality in case the device is not connected, thus you will need to switch this back when you get it in your car. Suppose you take your mobile phone while leaving the car, anybody on a hotspot will automatically get disconnected.

3. Use Universal Portable Hotspot

Suppose you regularly need mobile internet, then a portable hotspot appears to be a smart choice for you. Such devices replicate the hotspot function of the mobile phone. Just like the home router, it will connect to the internet and will share access through a secure password. Just the difference will be, like the phone, your portable hotspots make use of mobile internet. The subscription and pre-payment will be needed to use this, besides the initial purchase price.

Different manufacturers create portable hotspots and some hotspots have over 10 hours of battery backup and 10 days of the standby charge.

For using one, it is important that you speak to the mobile network provider to order the SIM card. Make sure you select one that provides the right usage. Or, you may end up going out of data as well as need to use the smartphone!

So, next time when you are in the market for a new car, it is likely to have Wi-Fi technology, no matter whether you are planning to use this or not. Since the technology gets more available, search for the cellular providers to provide more features and plans over WiFi for your car.

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