4 Car Wash Tips for New Car Owners

Did you get a new car? Congratulations! New vehicles are excellent, but they require you to do things differently from your old car.

New cars are new in every way. They’re different, so you also need to be different from them.

You can’t just use old car wash methods on your new car. If you do, it can cause damage to your vehicle. You may also unknowingly cost yourself thousands of dollars in maintenance.

Here are some car wash tips you should know if you’re you’re a car owner.

1. Clean With Car Wash Soap

Car wash soaps are specially formulated with lubricants to help the soap wash away dirt, road film, and other debris without scratching the car’s surface. Be sure to use soap specifically for your vehicle, as other soaps might contain ingredients that could be too harsh, resulting in damage to the car’s paint job.

When choosing a car wash soap, look for one specifically designed for your car’s finish. Some soaps are suitable for certain surfaces, such as clear coats, wax, sealants, or bras. When washing the car, use lukewarm water and a soft cloth to rinse away the soap.

Take extra care when washing around the grill and lights, where dirt and debris can get trapped. After the car is clean, be sure to dry the vehicle with a clean, soft cloth.

2. Start From the Top and Work Down

One of the best tips you can follow is the “top-down” approach. Start your vehicle from “the top” and work your way down, as this will stop dirt and debris from getting pushed around and potentially scratching your paintwork.

Once you’ve washed the top of your vehicle, use water to clear away the dirt and soap. After this, move to the windows and then the wheels, and finish by washing and waxing your car. Always work your way down. Following this top-down approach to car washing will ensure your new car looks its best!

3. Treat the Tar

Tar from trees and asphalt can have different consistencies and require other cleaners. Tar remover products that work on the tar may not be strong enough to remove asphalt tar and vice versa.

Additionally, you must be careful when handling any chemical substances, as many of these removers are powerful, and the directions must be followed precisely. Never use a high-pressure washer when attempting to remove tar, as this can damage the paint. When treating tar, it is also necessary to use a soft, clean cloth and be sure not to rub too hard.

4. Apply Wax or Sealant

The sealant creates a layer of protective coating, preventing dirt, grime, and water from settling into the paint while also repelling sun damage. Waxing regularly helps keep a car’s paint looking glossy and new, making it important for new car owners to invest in good quality wax or sealant.

When applying, make sure to use a quality microfiber cloth and use a circular motion to rub in the wax or sealant. Keep in mind not to let it set for more than a couple of minutes, as it could leave a white, chalky residue. Visit this carwash company for all your detailing needs.

Be Sure to Follow These Car Wash Tips

Following these car wash tips will ensure your new car maintains its great look and resale value. Keep in mind that it’s important to follow the car manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the best care and appearance, both inside and out. 

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