4 Minor Car Body Repairs You Can Do Yourself

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about our precious cars suffering any damage. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable, and you’ll find yourself having to take a stop by an auto shop.

Including that kind of maintenance, the average cost of owning and maintaining a car can range anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000 a year!

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a way to cut down on those costs a little? By trying your hand at some car body repairs, you can!

Dings and Scrapes

This is the easiest problem to deal with since it’ll just involve a little bit of hard work and a lick of paint. You can easily buff out any small scrapes with a little bit of sanding.

If you’re dealing with a deeper gouge, then you might want to also consider getting a bit of paint to cover up the sanding work.

5 Minor Car Body Repairs You Can Do Yourself

The Miracle of Windshield Resin

This one can be an expensive replacement that requires tools found in an auto shop to complete. It doesn’t always have to be, though, with the use of resins.

You can fill in a smaller crack with some windshield repair resin. The resin will fill up the chip or crack, and once it has hardened, it will completely blend in with the windshield!

It’s not a substitute for a replacement, but it can remove otherwise annoying small blemishes.

Damaged or Broken Headlights

With some basic tools that everybody should be able to find around the house, you can perform a headlight replacement.

If you’ve never done it before, then the real place you’re going to have trouble is selecting a bulb. There’s everything from eco bulbs to luxury bulbs that you’ll have the pleasure of selecting.

Just remember that if you’re going to do one headlight, then you should do both. It’s better to do them as a pair so that they match.

Dealing With Rust

If the entire bottom of your car has turned into a flaky reddish mess, then you’re out of luck. If it’s just some ugly-looking patches of rust, though, then you can easily fix it!

You’ll want to get a sander and wear away at the rusty spot until you get some clear-looking metal again. I wanted to sell my car online, and this was a great way to get it looking spick and span for the pictures.

Larger Car Body Repairs

We wouldn’t recommend trying to knock any dents into shape with the household hammer. With the right tools, you can put a certain amount of damage back into place.

If it isn’t as simple as popping out the dent or pulling it into shape with a suction cup, then you’ll be going the body filler route. Body filler can work miracles; all it takes is time and a little commitment to make it look good.

We’re always covering the latest in tools, accessories, news, and other information that could make your car body repairs easier! Keep reading to stay well-informed and well-equipped for any potential problems.

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