5 Amazing Car Production Facts

Did you know that the global automotive industry has a staggering market size of $2.8 trillion? That’s just one of many impressive car production stats.

Have you ever wondered which countries make and export the most vehicles? Where does America stand in the global car industry?

The following guide will explore five amazing auto production facts to answer those questions and more.

1. Cars Before the Great Depression

You might think that cars were scarce before the Great Depression but that’s not the case. There were well over 32 million cars around the world in 1929. The United States produced over 90 percent of those vehicles.

Back then, one in five Americans owned a car compared to one in 37 English car owners. Although, the Great Depression would impact car sales severely and the industry suffered for many years.

2. China Leads Car Production

The United States is no longer leading the industry like it did in the past. China became the world’s biggest manufacturer of passenger vehicles in 2020.

China produced an impressive 21 million passenger vehicles that year. The country makes up almost one-third of all global production. They also produce around five million commercial vehicles.

In total, China makes more cars than the European Union, the United States, and Japan combined.

3. Germany Leads Exporting

China might produce the most vehicles, but German cars are in higher demand. Germany is a massive player in the global automotive industry and export more vehicles than any other country.

German car designs are desirable worldwide because they’re able to drive safely at high speeds. In fact, German highways typically don’t have speed limits.

German drivers love to take advantage of the highways and use all of their car’s available horsepower. So, cars in the country must perform at these top speeds without breaking down.

4. Cars Help Support America’s Economy

Motor vehicle and parts manufacturing accounts for 923,000 American jobs. In addition, car dealerships employ another 1,251,600 U.S. citizens.

The United States automotive industry is valued at over $82 million dollars. Americans also spend almost $700 billion on auto insurance each year.

There are so many cars registered in the U.S. that there’s almost one vehicle for every household. You can learn more about U.S. production and how it works by exploring individual manufacturers. 

5. Henry Ford and Tune-Ups

Henry Ford The man invented automotive mass production and created the phrase “tune-up.” The first ignition systems in cars were made of ignition coils and spark plugs.

The coils would buzz at the same level when working correctly and be in tune. If they didn’t all buzz at the same level, it meant the vehicle wasn’t running at it should. So, the coils required adjusting or a “tune-up.”

Automotive Manufacturing’s Future

Now you know five facts from the industry’s past and present. Where ever car production is heading, fascinating facts are sure to follow. Electric vehicles and digital technology will surely shake things up in the coming years.

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