5 Companies That All Automotive Enthusiasts Need To Know About

Cars take you from point A to point B, but some people take this experience up a notch by customizing their vehicles. Some automotive enthusiasts do it for pleasure and pride. Others express themselves through their cars.

It’s okay to make changes, but don’t compromise safety and security. Make sure to consult guidelines from your insurance and warranty providers like those seen in CarShield reviews.

Remember that exploring your passion for cars means getting to know the best in the industry. Here are five companies that automotive enthusiasts like you should know. 

Hennessey Performance Engineering – Car Tuning

One thing enthusiasts want to do with their cars is make them faster. Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) has been doing this since 1991, setting a world-record along the way. Its Venom GT became the world’s fastest accelerating car in 2013, reaching 186 mph in 13.63 seconds.

John Hennessey is the founder and CEO of this Texas-based company with a 51,000-square-foot workshop and showroom facility. HPE entered the market by showcasing John’s personal Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, which won a 91-mile race with an average speed of 160 mph. 

HPE came to be regarded as the leading automotive tuning company in the U.S., consequently attracting several celebrity customers. They include Steven Tyler, Post Malone, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

HPE modifies existing car models while producing its own line of supercars. The Hennessey Special Vehicles include the Venom F5 that can reach 310 mph speeds and accelerate to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds.

The company operates its own test track called the Pennzoil Proving Grounds at Lonestar Motorsports Park. You can find the one-fourth mile dragstrip near the HPE workshop and showroom.

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Ringbrothers – Restoration and Modification

Every new and old car enthusiast must know Ringbrothers. This restoration shop in Spring Green, Wisconsin, was co-founded by brothers Jim and Mike Ring. They have been working on cars since they were young. 

They later turned their love for restoration and modification into a business. Ringbrothers has won several awards at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) shows. The brothers wow enthusiasts by creating classic muscle cars with a modern spin. The 1969 Camaro Valkyrja and the 1966 Chevy Chevelle Recoil are some of their most famous works.

Jim and Mike created a YouTube series called “Ringbrothers University” to teach beginners how to build cars. These videos offer a step-by-step look at how the brothers prep, paint, and finish their custom cars. As well, they run a separate video series for bodywork and carbon fiber clearing.

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing – Armored Vehicles

Some people are big on safety and security. This need ushered the armored civilian vehicle market. This sector is where INKAS AVM shines. The Canadian company’s specialty is designing and manufacturing armored vehicles. These include executive SUVs, luxury armored sedans, and cash-in-transit vehicles.

INKAS is known for bulletproof windows, run-flat tires, blast protection, and electrified door handle. It operates several production sites across the world. The company can produce 40-50 vehicles monthly. Its clients range from individuals and companies to banks and law enforcement agencies.

The firm offers a warranty of two years for armor-related items and conversion-related custom works. It also sells different spare parts for armored and non-armored vehicles. The company boasts 24/7 customer support for orders and warranty claims.

INKAS only uses certified materials for its vehicles. It runs tests at its facility in Toronto. The company follows best practices to give the highest-quality vehicles to its clients. It also invests in research and development.

BBS – Wheels

The wheels are another point of emphasis among car enthusiasts. Great wheels are important to a car’s performance. They also add to its overall appearance. This is why you need to check out BBS, a leading wheel manufacturing and engineering technology firm.

The company was founded by amateur racers Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand in 1970. They were looking for ways to increase performance on the race track. They developed the three-piece racing wheel that gained icon status in the wheel industry.

BBS focuses on precision, weight, and maximum safety in its wheel design. Weight reduction and reliability are the main selling points of BBS wheels. The company says that lightweight wheels help improve driving comfort, fuel efficiency, and emission.

The BBS alloy wheels have been part of more than 250 series championships, including F1, World Rally Championships, and Touring Cars. The company has also received multiple Best Brand awards for wheels from the German car magazine Auto Motor und Sport.

Alpine Electronics of America – Audio system

Car projects are never complete without audio systems. Your search for automotive audio systems will most likely lead you to Alpine, one of the major brands in this market. 

The company is an OEM audio system manufacturer for different car brands. It also produces aftermarket audio systems. Dodge, Land Rover, and BMW are some of the car brands that use Alpine’s OEM audio equipment in their models.

Alpine emphasizes research and development to produce audio systems that can withstand harsh environments. It also examines acoustic characteristics that may affect sound quality. Its R&D processes include vibration testing, durability and shock testing, and radio wave testing.


These five companies make up only the tip of the iceberg if you’re looking to become a full-fledged car enthusiast. Being passionate about cars means you’re willing to do the necessary research to know more about the automotive industry.

Reading about the leading companies in certain sectors of the market will help increase your knowledge and give you wider options to do the upgrades yourself. 

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