5 Essential Motorcycle Security Tips for Protecting Your Bike Against Theft

The population of motorcycle drivers keeps increasing, which also makes their bikes more susceptible to being stolen.

Motorcycle theft has ridden hard in recent years, to say the least. With millions of bikes getting stolen each year, you might be wondering what steps you can take to ensure yours doesn’t become a statistic.

Read on to learn some essential motorcycle security tips that will keep your bike safe and sound!

1. Park in a Well-Lit Area

A lot of experienced bike owners park in an illuminated space or under a light post as this is less tempting for criminals. It also allows for a greater chance of any attempted theft being witnessed by others in the area.

Make sure you park where you can get a clear view from all angles and consider parking your bike in an enclosed and public location such as a commercial parking lot or a shared garage space if the option is available. 

2. Use Multiple Locking Mechanisms

Start with a good quality heavy-duty chain and a good quality U-lock. Position the chain and lock so that it is difficult to access. If you have a garage, store your bike inside and place the chain and lock around parts of the bike in the garage.

Look for a good name brand with experience in manufacturing locks that can stand up to harsher elements. A lock with hardened aircraft-grade steel is ideal, as it is strong and more difficult to crack than regular steel.

In addition to the chain and lock, you can also purchase a disc lock or an alarm system. Placing a disc lock on your motorcycle will ensure that they cannot wheel away the bike. 

3. Increase Visibility With an Anti-theft Alarm

An anti-theft alarm can provide an added layer of protection and can act as a deterrent for potential thieves. It will provide a loud siren or sound when someone touches or disturbs the bike, alerting other nearby and deterring the thief.

4. Installing Tracking Devices

By discreetly installing a motorcycle GPS tracker, owners can keep an eye on the location of their bikes at all times. A motorcycle tracker can be installed within the headlights, storage compartments, or anywhere else on the bike. This is to enable law enforcement to quickly trace the location of your bike in case of theft. 

5. Ensure Your Bike Is Properly Insured

Standard motorcycle insurance usually can cover motorcycle theft, but riders should make sure their specific policy does. When shopping for coverage riders should look for specified optional endorsements in liability and physical damage policies that can offer good protection in the event of theft.

Tighten Your Motorcycle Security

The importance of securing your motorcycle against theft should not be understated. Invest in an alarm, lock, and tracking device, as these are all effective preventative measures.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your local security regulations. Stay safe, and ride responsibly. Get started on tightening your motorcycle security today!

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