5 Features of Modern People Movers That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

Modern life can be so busy it’s hard to catch your breath. From keeping up with work, to studying or the myriad of other daily chores that we must contend with, life has a knack for passing us by.

This rings especially true when you have a larger family – everything is multiplied by the number of kids you have! That’s why anything that makes life easier is worth investing in, including 8 seater cars, or – as they are also commonly referred to – “people movers”.

People movers can make life with a larger family fun and infinitely less stressful, and in this helpful article, we’ll explain why, as well as some reasons why the whole family – parents and kids alike, can enjoy moving around town in their very own people mover!

Room to Move

Lots of space is ideal for any family car, but naturally cars that are designed to fit 7 or 8 people do tend to prioritise their cabin space a lot more than other cars you’ll find on the market. People movers, or 7 to 8 seater cars, tend to be super spacious. Bigger families tend to need a lot of space, and if you’re sitting your entire 8 people into one vehicle for a road trip, that’s a lot of legs that need room to stretch. This is why the cabin of these vehicles is usually quite larger than average. The design of these larger people movers is tried, tested, and adored by families across the globe. A larger cabin means more leg room for all rows of seats, including the passenger and driver’s seat too! Yes, parents. You get some breathing room as well! 

In addition to leg and cabin room, modern people movers also offer a decent amount of boot storage, which is a bonus when it comes to getting the groceries home, or carting around sports bags, school bags and everything your kids need for their own busy routines.

Modern Audio Systems

Modern people movers come with high tech audio systems, making a drive around town or a more extended road trip on the weekend just that much more enjoyable. Any family member can pair their device with the car’s audio entertainment system and play songs, stories or podcasts for everyone to listen to. From The Wiggles to dad rock, the whole family can enjoy listening to music during a drive.

Alongside having wireless connectivity and superior sound quality, the audio system in your people mover may also facilitate you establishing different sound settings for each section of your vehicle. This means that you can turn bass settings off in the section of your cabin that’s seating any passengers who aren’t a fan of heavy bass. If the passenger and driver want to listen to music on their own, rear speakers can be brought right down to a minimum volume or even turned off entirely in some models. This total flexibility in sound ensures that large families stay happy when on family road trips or during other prolonged periods of travel.

High Safety Ratings

Now, the kids may not appreciate the benefits of a high safety rating, as children tend to be carefree by nature. However, parents will definitely approve of the higher safety ratings boasted by most modern people movers. A safety rating essentially measures how your vehicle will withstand impacts, like a collision with another automobile. You can rest easy knowing that your modern people mover is a safe vehicle and will also have other safety features aside from a high rating – such as ABS braking systems, lane drift detection and airbags. 

Entertainment Systems

On the higher end of people movers, you’ll see entertainment systems included as part of a family entertainment deal or bundle. These are often screens for the passengers so that the kids can watch a show or a movie during an otherwise long, boring drive. Some will even have separate screens behind each seat, so the kids won’t have to squabble over who gets to choose what to watch. If you want the whole family watching the same film, however, that can also be easily arranged, and can give families the opportunity to potentially have themed road trips, or road trips where viewing material perfectly complements the activities you may find yourself doing along your journey. Heading out for a camping trip in the bush? What better way to get ready than with a few nature docs on the road!

Final Thoughts on Enjoying People Movers

In this helpful blog, we’ve shared 4 features of modern people movers (7 or 8 seater cars) that the whole family can enjoy. Leg room and cabin room is an absolute plus in these vehicles, as are high tech audio systems, so the entire family can stream, rock out or learn together. Safety features will please the parents, so they know everyone in the car is safe and sound on a long drive. And in higher-end vehicles, entertainment systems will keep the kids happy on a long drive. All of these are features that the entire family will be sure to enjoy during your next cruise in your people mover.

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