5 Must-Know RV Tips for First-Time Owners

According to research, approximately 46 million Americans will be taking an RV trip instead of flying to an international travel destination this year. Due to the worldwide pandemic, most Americans feel safer exploring their own land rather than boarding a plane during this time.

Traveling in an RV is much different than traveling somewhere by plane, as there are a lot more responsibilities in your hands with maintenance and operations. Knowing the best RV tips will help you and your family enjoy a safe road trip holiday, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

The only problem is that if this is your first RV trip, what are some of the best RV travel tips for beginners? Knowing the foundations of RV camping is essential to avoid any problems.

Thankfully, we’ve created this article to teach you all the RV camping tips and tricks that you should know. Keep on reading to learn more!

1. Do a Test Drive

Driving an RV for the first time can feel like a nerve-wracking experience, especially if all you have ever driven are cars! Before you commit to an RV road trip, you must get comfortable behind the wheel and learn to maneuver that beast with confidence.

We suggest heading to the nearest parking lot after closing hours to practice turning around, backing up, and knowing your overhead clearance. Bring some friends with you to witness your driving and see if you are crossing over any lines, and bonus points if you can bring some cones to maneuver around.

Please note that when you become more comfortable, make sure you are not driving too fast around corners, an RV takes much longer to slow down, and needs to take corners much slower than other types of vehicles.

2. Ditch the Microwave

Thinking of life without a microwave can seem like an inconvenient thought at first, but hear us out first. Now that you are on a vacation with your RV, you will have more time on your hands, which defeats the purpose of why a microwave was invented in the first place, for speeding up the process.

Microwaves are big and bulky, they take up space where other important items could have a placement, such as a bar! Many veteran RV owners will tell you that keeping a microwave just isn’t worth it. Instead, practice your presence and mindfulness while you use the stovetop instead.

Maintenance is the key to prolong the life of your RV

RV’s are expensive, we all know that. But the reality is they sit in our driveways and garages for more time than they are used. There is no issue with this, but it is important to not let them degrade while they are sitting. Using high quality and waterproof RV Covers is the best way to prolong the life of your vehicle. A good quality cover will keep the elements from damaging your vehicle. We recommend buying the best quality cover you can find because the damage it will stop from happening is worth every penny. If you are keeping your RV in a garage where the elements have less of an effect, we recommend getting a cheaper cover to keep dust from gathering in the cracks and crevices of your camper. Either way, RV Covers are one of the easiest ways to prolong the life of your new vehicle.

3. Do a Walk Around Check When Leaving

One of the most important safety RV tips you need to know is to ensure the area is clear before you leave. Get outside and do a detailed walkaround to ensure there is nothing that could be dangerous while you move the ship on wheels. Some things to check for are:

Outside the RV

Do a walk-around check and see if any items are in the way of your RV, including your own forgotten items, large rocks, or even bicycles. You also want to ensure that people nearby know that you are backing out and leaving so that they can keep their kids and pets close to them to avoid any dangers.

After you do an outside walkaround, begin to walk around and inspect the outside of your RV as well. Check the tires, storage areas, gas tank cover, and everything to ensure your RV is in good condition to leave. If there is any damage, contact an RV Service and Repair shop immediately.

Inside the RV

An outside walkaround is also essential while preparing to leave, as there are many dangers within your cabin space too. Check for any loose items that can fall off of a shelf during transport. Also, check your gas gauge to ensure you have enough gas to get you to your next location, if not, check for all the available gas stations on the way there.

4. Don’t Skimp Out on Your RV Purchase

Purchasing an RV may feel like a hefty investment at first, so you need to think long-term when considering your options. One of the most important RV tips you need to know is to take your time when purchasing an RV.

According to RVshare, bookings have gone up over 30% more than this time last year, so finding an RV rental may be difficult this year. Plus, this also means that you can rent out your RV easily when you are not using it.

Sure, you may not need all the bells and whistles that RVs include these days, but you do need to consider what perks you will want five to ten years from now too. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Will this be comfortable for my family and pets?
  • Does this RV feel comfortable to drive and operate?
  • Do I need all of this space?
  • What is the gas mileage?
  • Is the Storage big enough?
  • Is the kitchen the right size?
  • Is the bathroom comfortable?

Consider these questions when shopping for the right RV for you and your family. Then you won’t experience any buyer’s remorse later “down the road”.

5. RV Camping Tips

One of the most essential components of owning an RV is knowing how to camp efficiently. This means you can get up and go easily without feeling like a hassle trying to get the RV ready.

Some important RV camping tips for you to consider are:

  • Pack only what you need, do not overpack!
  • Bring a tool kit and safety equipment
  • Bring extra gas
  • Pack a shovel
  • Make camping reservations ahead of time
  • Pack folding bikes for easy exploration
  • Invest in nesting cookware
  • Use a fire when possible to save gas for the stove
  • Bring lounge chairs and camping chairs
  • Pack extra lights and lanterns

Knowing these RV camping tips and tricks will help you and your family feel comfortable and safe during your RV camping experience.

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Now that you know the most important RV tips, it is time to get packing! The United States has so much scenery to explore, so get RV shopping and start exploring your home country as soon as you can.

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