5 of the Top Tires for Circuit racing in 2022

Tires, their performance, and their quality can directly affect the outcome of any circuit racing event. There are several reasons why racing enthusiasts are obsessed with tires. Even when a vehicle is not being used in circuit racing, tires can have a major influence on its dynamics according to experts. That is why many considerations are needed before opting for any one particular tire type.  Getting an ideal tire for circuit racing has to be one of the most significant tasks that a team has to perform. 

Depending on the type, quality, and brand of the tire would help a proficient racer to make the most out of their vehicle. You have to check almost every feature that a racing tire can provide to select the best one for circuit racing including grip, balance, design, etc. 

Before we head out to get acquainted with some of the top circuit racing tires, let us take a good look at the attributes that ideal tires are supposed to offer.

Top Tires for Circuit racing
  • Superb handling

Tired specifically used in circuit racing are often called performance tired that offer drivers tighter grip even at high speed. These are specially designed and manufactured using soft rubber which adds to its road surface grip. A good grip and smooth handling at higher velocities are necessary for circuit racing drivers because it allows them to steer around tight corners. Performance tires are also lightweight making the cars run faster.

  • Balanced speed

Speed is a key priority in circuit racing. But drivers do not need uncontrolled to win any race. Ideal racing tires offer balanced speed to the racing vehicles so that drivers can still be in control of the situation. When a particular tire has a higher speed rating then it means it would display better performance under high-speed conditions. Different types of tires are given a speed rating. The speed rating of an all-season racing tire can go up to 149 mph.

  •  Better traction

Circuit racing is risky for drivers using low-quality tires that do not offer better traction. But when you opt for top racing tires, they come with better traction qualities. These racing tires are made wider and possess treads that enhance their grip on road surfaces. Being wide broadens their surface area which ultimately helps them to stick on the racetrack. These qualities allow racers to pull brakes easily even when the weather is wet. 

  • Safe usage

Safety goes hand in hand with the speed in the case of circuit racing and that is why it is so important for racers to mind safety as they speed up. Racing tires have a special role to play in the safety of racers participating in circuit racing. Having high-performance tires means your vehicle can resist excessive heat buildup which is quite a problem during summer. Excessive heat is a known enemy to performance tires. 

Here is an overview of 5 top tires meant for circuit racing across the globe:

  1. Giti GitiSport S1

 Always known for their power and expertise, Giti tires do not need an introduction as a circuit racing tire. This particular tire has some extremely useful attributes like stability, better handling on the dry surface with low rolling resistance. It is ideal to be used by racers to provide speed, safety, and absolute comfort.

  1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

If you are looking for a professionally-engineered tire for the summer season then this tire from the house of Michelin turns out to be your best option. Its in-built dynamic response technology allows it to adapt to various road conditions and perform exceptionally well during racing activities.

  1. Toyo Proxes R888R Dot

Toyo is known to professional racers as a legendary brand whose one of the bestselling circuit racing tires are Toyo Proxes R888R Dot competition tires. These tires perform nicely in both wet and dry seasons without causing any issues with braking and reducing their tread life.

  1. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2

Michelin racing tires are expertly engineered and developed masterpieces that are trusted and loved all around the globe by professionals. The house of Michelin released this tire, especially for racers who love to push their vehicle to its limit in a race against time and durability. This one is a high-performance product.

  1. Falken Azenis RT615K+

The Falken Azenis is known for perfect traction and grip quality which is something that every racer looks for in a top racing tire. The plus (+) within its name signifies a compound that has been formulated using nanotechnology and engineered digitally to provide excellent handling features on the track.

Now you know why top racing tires are such a big deal when it comes to winning a circuit race.

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