5 Possible Reasons Why Your Windshield Cracked Overnight

Driving with a broken windshield isn’t the safest feeling in the world. When something gets in your way, you must figure out what that is. Broken glass impedes visibility, possibly putting your life and others at risk.

Broken windshields may be troubling, but they’re not random. As puzzling as they are, they have causes; that knowledge lets you plan accordingly.

Here, we’re looking at possible reasons why your windshield cracked overnight.

1. Poor Installation

Poor installation is one of the likely reasons why your windshield cracked overnight. This is often the case when a windshield is not installed properly.

Poor installation techniques can cause:

  • Improper adhesion
  • Inadequate curing of the adhesive
  • Improperly seated and mounted glass

Avoiding potential damages by having a professional install your windshield is a wise decision. An improperly installed windshield can be a safety hazard, leading to more windshield repair in the long run.

2. Glass Imperfections

Imperfections occur during the manufacturing process as there is a defect in the glass or a foreign substance in the mix. This can form air pockets in the mirror or cause it to become more brittle. Poor artistry during installation can also leave gaps where cold air can seep in and cause the glass to crack and weaken the seal.

Any kind of stress due to a shock or a sudden temperature change can also weaken the glass and cause it to crack. It is essential to ensure the windshield is installed correctly and that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure the strength and integrity of the glass.

3. Pressure Changes

High pressure from a faulty air conditioning system can cause the windshield to become too cold and crack. Moreover, road vibrations and extreme weather conditions can also lead to windshield cracks.

Stones and other debris kicked up from the road can gain momentum over time due to wind. This can cause enough pressure to break the glass’s surface.

4. Temperature Changes

In extreme cases, the shift in temperature can cause thermal stress and put immense strain on the windshield. It is possible that forceful temperatures or drastic temperature variations at different parts of the windshield could cause a crack. This could happen due to extreme heat during the day and sudden cooling at night.

Additionally, when the temperature outside fluctuates, the air pressure pushes against the changes, sometimes leading to windshield problems in the glass. 

5. Erosion from Aging 

Erosion from aging is one of the most common reasons a windshield may crack overnight. The life of a windshield is typically no more than ten years but may be less for certain models.

As the windshield ages, the seals may become brittle, allowing air and moisture to enter. Over time, this corrodes the glass, which weakens it and causes it to become more susceptible to damage from rocks or other objects. 

If a windshield is over ten years old, it is highly recommended to be replaced before it cracks further.

Exploring the Reasons Why Windshield Cracked Overnight

There are a variety of possible reasons why your windshield cracked overnight. To help you identify and address the cause, it is essential to consult with an experienced professional.

A mechanic or car care expert can help you determine the source of the damage and help you decide what steps to take to make the necessary repairs. Don’t delay – contact an automotive specialist today!

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