5 Race Car Driving Tips You Can Use off the Race Track

With sports pundits calling Formula 1 racing the fastest-growing sport in America, there’s no doubt that auto racing is thriving. But did you know that some of the driving techniques used to maneuver race cars can improve your driving on any road? You don’t need to be behind the wheel of a stock car to put these tricks into practice.

Read on to learn about 5 race car driving tips you can use off the track.

1. Keep Your Eyes Alert

Rather than locking in on the car in front of you, keep your eyes alert to everything. Scan the roadways and sidewalks around your vehicle as you drive. And look down the road toward where you’re heading.

While you’re at it, avoid distractions. Don’t look at texts on your phone and assign radio or music duties to a passenger.

2. Move Your Steering Wheel into the Turn

When you’re engaged in casual driving, you might just rest your hands on the steering wheel. Especially in situations with little traffic, it’s easy to get complacent. But racing drivers suggest pulling the wheel, just like they do on the track.

So, if you’re turning left, pull the wheel in that direction. And, of course, keep your hands at the recommended “9 and 3” to ensure optimum control.

You can enhance your steering off the track with these tips. And with FuelTech’s Hub Dyno Training, you can get performance help as you prepare for races on the track!

3. Use Your Left Foot to Brake

One of the driving techniques you’re not taught in driver’s ed is to use both feet. Typically, you’ll use the right foot for both braking and accelerating. But you can slow down more quickly when you use your left foot, too.

You won’t need to shift your right foot over when you need to make a quick stop. This can save valuable seconds that can help you avoid a crash!

4. Avoid Sudden Commands

If you hit the brakes or accelerate too quickly, especially while steering, you can set yourself up for traction problems. That’s why it’s best to avoid steering and accelerating at the time. And, in the same vein, you should avoid braking while steering.

You may think you need to slam on the brakes as you head toward a turn. But if you brake too hard, you may oversteer and end up spinning. And when you’re driving in winter weather, the risk goes up. 

5. Stay Calm When Experiencing Tire Problems

Did your tire just blow out? Whether you’re on your morning commute or a family trip, it’s easy to let this situation rattle your nerves. Don’t let it!

Your first step should be to stay calm and slow down. And then find the safest way to veer to one side and pull off the road. Hopefully, you’ll have a spare tire ready to go — or be able to call for help.

Follow These Race Car Driving Tips

Following these race car driving tips can help you become a better driver on the open road. Focus only on driving and avoid sudden braking or accelerating. And if you encounter a problem with your tires, stay calm!

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