5 Reasons Why BMW Remains One of the Most Popular Car Brands of Today

5 Reasons Why BMW Remains One of the Most Popular Car Brands of Today

BMW has been building cars for over 100 years. While some automakers like Ford and Mercedes-Benz have been around for as long, many automaker have come and gone. After all those years, BMW continues to be one of the most popular car brands as consumers continue to buy new and used BMW Phoenix cars today.

What makes BMW popular today?

BMW Remains
  1. Outstanding Performance

BMW continues to engineer vehicles with internal combustion engines and electric motors that deliver eye-popping horsepower. The automaker is known for performance features, especially when buyers choose the M models. When compared to other automakers, BMW vehicles usually deliver more horsepower and torque for adrenaline-filled daily commutes and extended road trips. 

Depending on the model and the performance features, your BMW could ride like a race car or a cloud. The sporty coupes often have tight steering and responsive suspensions for drivers who want to push their BMW cars to the limit. The flagship sedans and SUVs often have air suspension and gentle suspensions for a smooth and relaxing ride. 

  1. Sporty Exterior Styling

The engineers at BMW design vehicles with sporty styling that gets the attention of buyers from all walks of life. From the two-door convertibles to the three-row SUVs, everything BMW makes has a sporty look that stands apart from the rest of the vehicles in its class. The iconic exterior styling includes the unique kidney grille and the Hofmeister kink in the rear side windows. The automaker offers several styling packages, including the M package with specialized wheels, skirts, spoilers, and LED headlights. 

Along with sporty styling features, BMW offers popular and limited-edition paint colors. While most vehicles come in traditional colors like black, white, and red, the automaker occasionally offers trendy colors like forest green, sandy coral, and pearly gray. 

  1. High-tech features

BMW accentuates the performance and exterior styling with high-tech features. The automaker includes large infotainment screens with voice controls, convenient center-console controls, and gesture controls. Many of the newest models have large digital gauge displays. Family-friendly models have rear-seat entertainment features, and many models have more than ten speakers and sound systems from exceptional audio companies like Burmester and Alpine. 

  1. Luxurious interiors

High-tech features seem even better when they’re surrounded by luxurious interior features. Many BMW models come with genuine leather upholstery and wood grain or carbon fiber accents, and many have synthetic textiles that look and feel luxurious. Many models have features like remote start, large power sunroofs, and hands-free liftgates. New models also have high-end cabin air filters that keep the air clean and smelling fragrant and fresh. They also come with ambient lights with up to 64 colors choices. 

  1. Affordable price tags

Despite being a European luxury automaker, many BMW models have affordable price tags. The entry-level models often have sticker prices under $40,000. Used BMW models also come with affordable prices and exceptional collections of popular features. Depending the year and mileage, used BMW models can have sticker prices under $20,000. 

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