5 Reasons Why Buying Your Teen a Used Car is a Smart Option

Buying your teen a used car–preferably a Honda–is better for your bank account and will save you on the risks of buying a new vehicle. These risks include higher costs for fuel (teens will drive a new car more often), insurance, and monthly payments.

Therefore, buying a used car is a more brilliant move, cost-wise, as you can save money in several areas. Moreover, if you choose a high-quality used car, such as a Honda, you will find it easy to repair as newer model cars. 

Start by Reviewing the Used Honda Cars for Sale by Owners

When seeking a car for your teen, reviewing the used Honda cars for sale by owner is an excellent place to start. Honda has had a reputation for the past 50 years of being a reliable new and used car brand.

5 Reasons Why Buying Your Teen a Used Car is a Smart Option

Why Buying Used Is Better (Especially When the Car is a Honda)

1. Lower Depreciation Expense

Preowned cars, such as a Honda, do not depreciate quickly like a new vehicle. You can lose a lot of money on a new car once you drive it off the lot – as much as 10% in minutes. You don’t have to worry about losing the value of older cars so quickly.

2. More Car for What You’re Paying

You’ll get a lot more car for your money when you buy a used car, such as a Honda. Any added features on a new Honda will increase the car’s price. However, you can buy a used Honda with the same features and pay less. This will bring your peace of mind, especially if you’re purchasing the car for your teen.

3. Less Worry about Dings or Marks

A teen may dent or ding a car, as they’re less likely to be as careful as an adult driver. Therefore, buying a used car lessens the stress you might feel by purchasing a new vehicle.

4. Fewer Used Car Repairs

If you buy a used Honda, research proves that the cars, when regularly maintained, break down less often than other cars. If repairs are made, they’re typically simple and therefore less costly.

5. A Higher Resale Value

Used cars, especially Hondas, have a higher resale value. Therefore, if you want to trade up or you wish to replace the vehicle, you’ll get more money out of the deal.

Safety Features: Choose Vehicles with the ESC Feature

Make sure the used car you buy has an ESC feature, as the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) tracks the wheel speed and the vehicle’s traction. 

If the driver loses control of the car, the ESC add-on engages the car’s brakes or minimizes the engine’s power so the driver can safely steer and regain control of the vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this feature alone can reduce crashes for single cars by approximately 35%. 

Come Out Ahead by Purchasing a Honda

Your search for a car for your teen starts with looking at used Hondas. Pay less for the vehicle and reap substantial benefits in insurance costs, safety, car repairs, resale value, and overall quality.

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