5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Ferrari

Did you know that Ferrari only produces 7,000 to 8,000 cars a year? They do this to maintain the exclusivity luxury cars are known for throughout the world. If you’re one of the fortunate few that are thinking of buying a Ferrari, you may want to consider a few things.

Owning a luxury car is quite different than owning a normal one. Great care is needed if you want your new car to keep its status. That’s why today, we will cover five things you need to know before buying a Ferrari.

1. You Cannot Modify Your Ferrari

Unlike most sports cars, you cannot modify your Ferrari, even though you own it. Ferrari has made it clear that they want to maintain their image and name with no modifications. Your new car will remain the same as the day you bought it.

Ferrari sends cease and desist letters to people who decide to “pimp out” their rides. The good news is that Ferrari has plenty of car styles in its lineup and if you’re interested in seeing them be sure to look at this guide.

2. Approved Repair Shops

Repairing luxury cars can be a very delicate process. That means you’ll need to find the right mechanic for the job if you’re Ferrari has a problem. Depending on where you reside, you may find it almost impossible to find one near your home, so knowing if there are any near you is essential.

Luckily, most Ferrari dealerships can tell you where the approved repair shops are located in your area.

3. Reselling Your Ferrari

Another factor to consider when buying a Ferarri is that you’ll not be able to sell it for at least one year. You’ll even need to sign a contract stating you will not sell the new car for a least one year. They do this to discourage owners from flipping their cars and making a profit.

4. MPG Cost

Some of the newer sports cars are more gas efficient, which saves you a lot of money. Unfortunately, most old and new models that carry V8 or V12 engines will drain your gas quickly—an excellent point to keep in mind when buying a Ferrari.

5. Your Ferrari Isn’t Your Main Car

Whenever you buy a new car, all you want to do is drive it around. When it comes to luxury cars like Ferrari, that’s not the case, as you’ll want to use a different vehicle for your day-to-day driving. The main reason is that the more you drive it, the more likely something like an accident is to happen.

In fact, most Ferrari owners only drive it 5,000 miles every year to avoid any unnecessary damage.

Buying a Ferrari Can Change Your Life

Some of the factors outlined previously are a bit too restrictive and may stop some people from buying a Ferrari. Of course, if these factors are okay with you, don’t hesitate and buy one the next time you see a Ferrari for sale! Without a doubt, it’ll change your life completely

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