5 Things to Know Before Selling Your Damaged Car

Selling a car can be a long process. Very often, a damaged or unwanted car can be a burden to sell and you may just want the cash quickly. But how do you know what is the best deal when shifting your old automobile?

A private sale will always net you more money, but if you are wanting to sell quickly, then companies that buy junk cars can work. Today, we’re giving you five tips to know when you sell your damaged car. 

Laws of Advertising

What many people do not realize is that when advertising a used car for sale, the law often requires you to give very specific information. This information needs to be accurate and up to date.

Any advertisement for a vehicle must include: Condition, mileage, color, contact details, list of taxed and testing, service history, the make and model, and the year of manufacture. Failing to provide these details can open you up to legal action.

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There are many places to advertise your car, such as in shop windows and on local auction sites. Though you will get a higher return than selling to a dealer or garage, all of these methods will cost you time and effort. Dealing with a company negates this. 

Selling Online

Selling online has some very good advantages. It gives you a much wider customer base from which to sell your vehicle, meaning more inquiries and a higher likelihood of a sale. You can often add a lot more pictures to the advertisement when using online sites. 

Be aware that people will still want to see the vehicle before they buy it. If you are on an auction site, this may put people off. Auction sites also run the risk of you not getting what you had hoped for the vehicle and it may be easier to opt to sell to a company. 


When taking payment for a car, you have a number of options. The first is cash in full, the safest option for you. However, many people may not want to carry a large amount of cash around with them when doing business. 

The seller could also transfer the funds to your bank. This will mean giving a stranger your bank details. Make sure the whole amount is in your account before releasing the car.

Finally, you may allow a cheque. This is very risky and only advised if you are sure of the buyer’s real name, address, and legitimacy. 

Sell Your Damaged Car Quickly

If you are looking to cut down on time and effort, there are a number of companies online who will buy you a car for cash. You may have seen companies saying “We buy junk cars“. Though you may get a lower price, you will often find they take care of all necessary formalities so you can get your money quickly.


Even though you are selling the car as damaged, you must still fill in any necessary paperwork correctly. This includes the transfer of deeds and documentation. You should also provide two copies of a receipt. 

Selling the Car

Now you know the outlines of how to sell your damaged car, you can decide to sell privately or through a company. For quick sales, always opt for the reputable dealer option. 

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