5 Tips to Keep Your Toyota in Tip-Top Shape

There’s no doubt Toyota is one of the best-selling brands of cars in America as well as the rest of the world. And with good reason! They’re dependable and they are built to last. But no car is going to make it through the long haul without proper maintenance.

So, how can you keep your Corolla, Camry or Sienna running smoothly over time? Follow these tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly all year long. While you may know some of these tips by heart, it’s always good to refresh your memory or print them out to show your teens. 

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Yes, most santa barbara oil change experts recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles. But if you can’t make it that often, at least go for every 5,000. Consistently putting off your oil change adds stress to your Toyota’s engine and could cause permanent damage. This is NOT, we repeat NOT, the fault of the car, but that of the driver. Don’t put it off. Follow the guideline of approximately every 5,000 miles or every six months. Then, you just can’t go wrong. 


During these troubled economic times, it’s hard not to choose the cheapest, lowest octane gas available. However, that’s just not always the best thing for your car. Octane is judged by how well a car can resist knocking and pinging. And while you may be willing to put up with a lower octane, it may not be in your car’s best interest. Every car has different requirements, and for some, it may not even be the highest octane, but check to be sure. 


The first point to be concerned with your tires is their pressure. Having the tires pumped up to the correct pressure means your car will perform better, you’ll get better gas mileage and the tires will last longer. The correct tire pressure is determined by the manufacturer and will be different in say a 4-runner than a Venza. Further, it’s imperative that as a car owner, you have the tires rotated every six months. Because tires don’t wear down at the same rate, it’s important to put the front tires in the back and back in the front. 


Most oil change locations will check your fluids regularly, but only a certified Toyota location can tell you for certain what needs to be changed and when. However, likely fluids that need to be changed regularly (other than the oil) include brake fluid, power steering fluid or transmission fluid. While you can check these items yourself, sometimes, it’s just easier to let the professionals do it while they’re in there anyway. 


This is not something that has to be done every single time you change your oil, but it should be checked each time. When it’s dirty with dust and debris, air can’t get through and the car can’t run smoothly. In fact, it affects not only a car’s gas mileage but its ability to accelerate as well. 

Certainly, other maintenance issues can come up and should be checked regularly, but by following the above tasks at least once every six months, you’re sure to be on the right road to a well-maintained car. Keep records of when you do each of the above so you can prove to future buyers what good care you took of the car. 

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