5 Ways on How You Can Get Replacement Keys for Your Car

You’ve been looking everywhere to find your car keys, and now you’ve finally given up thinking of places where you could have left them. If you think getting a replacement is a faster option, there are many places where you can get your car keys replaced. 

Here are the most common ways to get your car keys and locking mechanism replaced. 

  1. Call your car insurance company 

If your car insurance policy includes a lost or stolen key cover as an add-on feature, you can call your insurance provider to have the keys replaced. Companies typically choose the specialist auto locksmith who will work on your car. However, bear in mind that claiming on your insurance may affect your no-claims bonus, resulting in higher premium payments in the long run. 

Replacement Keys for Your Car
  • Contact the nearest auto locksmith company 

Call the nearest auto locksmith company serving your area if you want to get a car key replacement fast. Reputable car key locksmiths that offer mobile services carry diagnostic tools, and car key blanks for most vehicle makes and models. This ensures that you can get the replacement key quickly without breaking the bank.

A car locksmith is also well equipped to assist if you get locked out of your car. Other services that a mobile auto locksmith offers include cutting and copying car door keys, programming remote car key fobs, repairing damaged locks, and fixing damaged or broken keys.

  • Roadside assistance company for emergency car key replacement

Many roadside assistance service providers can help get your car door keys replaced. However, this can depend on the vehicle you need replacing and the roadside assistance company’s tools onboard their vehicle. If they do not have the right equipment and tools for your car, this could be a slower option in getting your car keys replaced. Additionally, roadside assistance providers do not specialise in locksmith services; hence they may not have the skills to get your car keys replaced right away. 

  • Visit your car dealership

If you want your missing or stolen car keys replaced with an original unit, this is the best place to get them. However, it may take a long time to get the replacement key. Your car dealership may not have the exact car key for your car on-site. Depending on the type of car door you have, it may take days or weeks for you to obtain the replacement key.

  • Go to your local automotive shop

The last option you may consider is getting the car keys replaced by your local automotive garage. You may end up spending more if you go to an automotive shop, as most will charge a premium to use their diagnostic tools. Your local car garage may not have key-coding equipment that full-service auto locksmiths carry. If you are in a hurry, going to an automotive shop may not be the best option for replacing your car keys. 


With all these options available to you, contacting a reputable auto locksmith service is your best bet to get your keys replaced quickly and cost-effectively.

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