6 Awesome Types of Auto Racing

People have been racing cars since they first rolled onto the streets, with one of the world’s most prestigious races holding its first race in 1907. Over a hundred years later and the world of auto racing has grown into several subcategories.

Check out these six popular types of auto racing.

1. Formula Racing

Formula one racing is one of the most well-known types of racing throughout the world. In the United States, this type of racing operates under the IndyCar Series.

You’ll know these cars by their single open-air seat. These vehicles have a custom build that is specifically meant for the track.

Auto and parts manufacturers use these cars and races to test innovative developments. They can then take the data and information gathered and create parts for the road. You can look here for more examples of this.

2. Sports Car Racing

These race cars have two seats and an enclosed wheel. There are two types of cars that participate in this type of racing, production models and grand tourers (GT). The cars race on closed circuits.

Races in this category are the Rolex Sports Car Series for the Grand-Am or the FIA World Endurance Championship.

3. Stock Car Racing

This type of racing is better known as National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). The cars are production cars but have allowed alterations that make them more suitable for racing. The most recognizable quality of this racing type is the oval track the cars race on.

4. Drag Racing

Unlike the other racing types on this list, drag racing cars compete two at a time. They start from a dead stop and accelerate as quickly as possible in a straight line. The car with the faster time wins.

The National Hot Rod Association is the recognized governing body for drag racing. You’ll see cars of all makes, models, designs, and ages. There is even semi-truck drag racing.

5. Rally Racing

This racing type is considered pure insanity by many. The production-based cars go from closed city streets to off-road and back again. They race in any weather conditions, on terrible roads, gravel, ice, mud, and snow.

Due to the nature of the race path, the cars typically have two people in them. There’s the driver and the navigator. There are no laps in this point-to-point race.

6. Off-Road Racing

 This type of racing takes place off of the track and road. You will see cars, trucks, motorcycles, crossovers, and SUVS participating. The drivers challenge themselves and their vehicles as they navigate the natural terrain.

The most well-known example of this type of racing is the Baja 1000 in Mexico.

Bring Auto Racing to the Street

You can bring a bit of your favorite auto racing home when you buy aftermarket auto parts. Look for the manufacturers who participate in the type of racing that you love. Then check out their product line for race-inspired parts that you can use on your vehicle.

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