6 Gears That Every Motorcycle Rider Should Have

The motorcycle drivers are more exposed to external elements than car drivers. Thus, safety becomes the top priority when you hit the road with your motorcycle. Many riders don’t feel the need to protect every part of their body while riding. This act makes them vulnerable to various incidents such as bugs or stones hitting their free skins, skin allergies due to changing weather conditions, etc.

Hence, if you are a new rider or want to start riding long distances, make sure you buy the essential gear for your safety. In this article, you will find six gears that every motorcycle rider should have. You can also check https://simplemotorcycleguide.com for other motorcycle related topics.

As a rider, you should consider your safety and opt for clothing that keeps you safe during the rides. You need to have a motorcycle jacket that offers protection from a changing environment and make you presentable. A jacket is known as one of the most important gears that every motorcycle rider should have.
You can buy jackets based on the type of road you usually ride and the weather conditions. Avoid buying the jackets that are too tight or too loose for your body. Consider looking for comfort, fit, and flexibility in the jacket as you must feel convenient while riding. Also, look for quality and durability as it is preferable to purchase the jacket that stays usable for a long time.
The best part about motorcycle jackets is that you will find various materials such as leather, denim, or suit type. You can choose the jacket material based on your riding type. For instance, if you are an off-road rider, a jacket with textile material would be a better option for you. Contrarily, if you ride on closed racetracks, then look for leather or denim jackets.

Another essential gear that a rider should have is the helmet. Many reports state that majority of the riders lose their lives because of not wearing a helmet. Hence, most countries have started imposing strict rules on wearing a helmet while riding. You need to find what type of helmet is valid for the kind of rides you do.

You will come across a full-face, ¾ coverage, and a ½ coverage helmet which you can choose based on your convenience and comfort. You should consider looking for DOT certified helmet that complies with your country’s motorcycle safety rules. While buying the helmet, you should check the fitting as you do while buying the jacket. This means the helmet should not be loose or too tight for your head, and it should stay steady while you ride. The full-coverage helmet will offer the utmost protection for your head and face while the other two helmets will be somewhat less protective.

In the case of a bike slide, your lower body becomes vulnerable to rashes or fracture. Hence, protecting your lower body is as crucial as protecting your upper body. To keep it secure, you should buy biker jeans designed for riders. These pants will offer comfort and protection to your lower body while riding long distances on rough roads.

Some riders prefer leather pants as they fit better, and the person doesn’t have to wear another set of pants. But while choosing the leather pants, you have to check the fitting and comfort because if they are loose or tight, you will feel uncomfortable during the ride. You can select jeans, but they don’t offer much protection in case of bike slide or an accident.

While choosing the material, you should consider the style of riding and weather conditions. For instance, leather pants are perfect for riders, but wearing them in hot conditions may make you uncomfortable. You will find pants with extra padding in hips, thighs, and knees for additional protection. Thus, you can look for ones that come with built-in cooling feature and choose other protective materials as per your convenience.

Your hands remain exposed to pebbles, flying objects, and fluctuating weather while riding on the motorcycle. They become vulnerable to bugs and stones hitting your knuckles. At times, your hands may face sunburn or windburn, depending on the weather. Thus, to keep them safe and comfortable, you should buy rider gloves that not only protect your hands from external problems but also provide a tight grip for a safer ride.
You will find various materials in gloves to suit your needs. Some will be made of leather while some will be of textile material. You will also find the options for waterproof or water-resistant gloves if you are supposed to ride on rainy days. The gloves should fit your hand like the helmet and jacket because even a small misfit can add discomfort in your riding experience.
You should check the flexibility by moving your fingers after you wear them because it will allow you to operate the bike efficiently. The rider gloves come with an elastic material or Velcro strap, which is used to attach them to your wrist.

Riding shoes or boots are another essential gear that adds comfort to your driving experience. Although many riders prefer wearing hiking boots, they become problematic when the laces entangle. Hence, the riding shoes will offer you the utmost protection and comfort by providing good tread between your foot and the surface.

Consider buying over the ankle shoes or boots as they will make your feet comfortable for frequent movements. You can choose either leather or textile material for the shoes, but make sure you consider the road and weather conditions before selecting any one of them. You will also find options for waterproof or water-resistant shoes, which will make your rides comfortable in the rainy season.

⦁ Gear for eye and ear protection:
Many riders fail to notice that their long rides often become problematic for eyes and ears because of the dust particles and vehicles’ constant sound on the road. Hence, you should get earplugs to protect your ears from cars’ sound and wind that rushes past your helmet and ears. These plugs will also reduce the chances of fatigue that most riders feel after long rides.

On the other hand, you should buy riding glasses if you have a ½ helmet as they will protect your eyes from direct sunlight. The riding glasses also act as a protective cover against the debris or dust particles that enter your eyes while riding on the motorcycle.

Buying all the protective gear will help you ride safely and tackle the road issues without any worries.

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