7 Best Auto Detailing Brands With Fantastic Products

Choosing the right brand for buying car detailing products isn’t easy, especially nowadays when there are hundreds of different car detailing brands, and you don’t know which products are good and which aren’t. That’s why we’re bringing you the list of the seven best auto detailing brands trusted by thousands of hobby and professional auto detailers. 

By buying products from any of the companies below, you won’t make a mistake. 

Fantastic Products

1. Nexgen

When compared to others, Nexgen is a relatively new company out there, but the quality of its products quickly made them famous. They have a lot of products, but what we love is that they don’t produce 200 different products such as some other similar companies. They’re specializing in the most important products you need to detail cars, and they’re improving them all the time. 

Their most popular product is undoubtedly Ceramic Spray, which has more SiO2 content than any other ceramic coating on the market. 

2. Meguiar’s

Meguiar’s is probably the most popular brand when we talk about auto detailing. Literally, everyone knows them, no matter where you live (yes, we mean worldwide too). Meguiar’s keep a balance between quality and price, and that’s why they’re such an amazing auto detailing company.

They have tens of fantastic products, but we’d like to highlight these ones: Ultimate liquid wax, Gold class shampoo, Leather cleaner and conditioner, Scratch and swirl remover, and many, many more. 

3. CarPro

CarPro has been founded in 2009., and ever since then, they’ve been offering people fantastic products, and even better, they’re available worldwide. At the beginning, they started producing only nanotechnology products for detailing vehicles, but quickly they started to offer all types of products you need to detail a car properly. 

Their most popular product is CQuartz ceramic coating that gives your car’s paint the ultimate protection, but to be honest, all their products are fantastic, and we always like to recommend them whenever possible. 

4. Adam’s Polishes

Adam’s Polishes was founded by Adam Pitale in 2000. That small company quickly turned into a large company producing tens of high-quality auto detailing products. Even though their prices are usually a bit higher than from other auto detailing brands, the quality of their products justifies that higher price. 

Adam’s is specific because they don’t only sell auto detailing products (chemicals), but they also sell a variety of tools that you need for detailing vehicles. Actually, they probably sell everything you need, even to open an auto detailing shop. So, if you need everything from brushes, compounds, and buffers to vacs, and more, make sure to check Adam’s. 

5. Sonax

Sonax is a high-quality European auto detailing brand that produces one of the best car detailing products. Even though they’re not so popular in the USA, more and more people discover them every single day. They produce products both for hobby and professional auto detailing, and by choosing any of their products, you can’t make a mistake. 

My favorite product from Sonax is Sonax Beast Wheel Cleaner, which cleans even the dirties car wheels with ease. The thing I like the most about them is that their pricing is fantastic. They’re often much cheaper than other brands with similar product quality. 

6. Chemical Guys

If you’ve never heard of Chemical Guys, you have probably never detailed your vehicle. Chemical Guys is the most popular auto detailing brand in the world. Its popularity comes from two sides: people who love them and people who hate them. There’s no middle. That’s probably due to their extensive advertising and creation of tens of similar products, all meant for the same purpose. 

One of their best products is Foaming Citrus Fabric Clean, with which I was able to clean even the dirtiest seats and carpets. But all of their products will make your car shiny, so you can’t make a mistake. 

The only problem with Chemical Guys is that you can get lost in tons of the same products with just different scents or slight differentiation in product properties. However, I would say that Chemical Guys is the best hobby auto detailing brand. 

7. Gyeon

Gyeon offers one of the best auto detailing products, mainly because they have their own laboratory and facility in South Korea. Most other brands only order products from some laboratories and then label them as theirs. With Gyeon, it’s entirely different. 

I have tried a few of their products, and they’re all fantastic, especially Gyeon Tire Dressing, which gives your car tires natural shine and outlasts 90% of other tire dressings on the market. Lately, they’re also producing high-quality ceramic coatings that easily compete with the best products out there. 

Bottom Line

We hope that now you have a better picture of what auto detailing brands to choose when buying equipment for cleaning your vehicle. By choosing products from any of the brands mentioned above, you’ll be able to get that spotless look of your vehicle with ease. I wish you happy detailing 🙂 

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