7 Interesting Airplane Facts That Will Blow You Away

Although COVID-19 has impacted the number of people traveling, in normal times, there are around 500,000 people in airplanes at any given moment. These people may have just taken off the ground or could be soaring through the clouds. 

Whether you’ve never flown before or a frequent flyer, it’s easy to take air travel for granted. There are many amazing and important facts about airplanes.

Keep reading for a list of 7 airplane facts. 

1. Mobile Devices Don’t Interfere With Navigation 

Many people don’t understand why they need to turn off or switch their mobile devices to airplane mode. Although many people believe that they can interfere with airplane navigation or communication, it’s because the cabin crew needs you to pay attention to their safety demonstration.

Take-off and landing are the riskiest parts of the flight, so it also ensures that people are ready to act if they need to.  

2. Cabin Air Is Clean

You might think that the airplane cabin air is dirty and full of germs. In reality, filters change it every three minutes, ensuring that it’s as fresh as possible. Machinery eliminates most of the bacteria present. If you do feel dirty, it may be from the people near you. 

3. Lightning Isn’t a Problem 

Traveling during a thunderstorm can seem scary, but don’t worry: lightning can’t hurt an airplane. Modern airplanes can survive getting hit without a problem. Passengers won’t realize it’s happened! 

4. Turbulence Doesn’t Cause Crashes 

Turbulence can cause a lot of people to panic when flying. Although a dip or jolt down can seem scary, manufacturers build modern planes to be able to re-right themselves. When planes do crash, it’s due to pilot error. 

5. You Can’t Open the Cabin Door Mid-Flight 

Some people are afraid of the cabin doors opening while flying. Yet due to the difference in pressure between the inside and the outside of the aircraft, no human is able to open the door mid-flight.

6. The Atmosphere Numbs Your Senses

Everyone knows that cabin air is dry, but did you know that it numbs around 1/3 of your tastebuds? It also dries out your nose. For this reason, cooks make airplane food with extreme amounts of spices and salt. 

7. Pilots Rely on Autopilot 

For the duration of the flight, pilots rely on autopilot to get around. Computer systems make more accurate calculations and adjustments, leading to better fuel efficiency. Turbulence, takeoff, and landing are generally the only times when the pilots fly the planes themselves. 

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Understand Airplanes Better With These Airplane Facts 

Regardless of how popular and normal it becomes, air travel will always be an amazing concept. After reading this list of airplane facts, you’ll have a better understanding of how impressive airplanes really are. 

Do you know any other fun facts about airplanes? Let us know in a comment below!

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