7 of the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Did you know that over 16,000 auto accidents happen every day in America?

Even if you’re the safest driver out there, you can still get into trouble at any time due to another person. While being on guard helps reduce your risk, it’s important to know that accidents can happen to anyone.

So what are the most main causes of car accidents? Keep reading to learn 7 reasons why you might get into at least one during your lifetime.

1. Distractions

Avoiding car accidents is a lot easier if you’re an alert driver at all times. Not only should you keep track of your speed, but you should also keep an eye out for other cars on the road that are swerving or looking dangerous. Make sure you keep your distance and focus all of your attention on the road.

2. Speeding

There’s nothing worse than panicking about being late for something important. This fear can cause a lot of drivers to speed in the hopes that they can make up for the lost time. As tempting as it is, you should never speed because that greatly increases your risk of getting into an accident.

3. Bad Weather

Lots of people need car accident help when it’s raining or snowing heavily. If you know the weather is going to be bad, do your best to avoid getting caught on the roads.

4. Recklessness

Whether it’s road rage, inexperience, or thinking that nothing bad could actually happen, there are plenty of reasons why people are reckless when they drive. If you’re the victim of a reckless driver, getting a car accident attorney will ensure you get the justice you deserve.

5. Intoxication

We’ve all been taught to avoid drinking and driving, but this information sadly doesn’t stop these tragedies from happening. To protect yourself from drunk drivers, try to stay off the roads late at night, especially on holidays when people are out celebrating.

6. Car Issues

There are numerous car safety features that are designed to make driving as safe as possible. However, driver errors like not changing your oil or road conditions that cause flat tires can damage your car’s ability to run as intended.

7. Fatigue

Life is hectic and our responsibilities can feel never-ending. People can often misjudge how exhausted they are and end up falling asleep behind the wheel or making poor decisions. If you feel too tired to get somewhere safely, then take a quick nap or find another mode of transportation that doesn’t require your full attention.

Now You Know the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Learning about the most common causes of car accidents can help you be a cautious driver. Now that you know what to look out for, you can do your best to reduce your risk and keep the roads safer.

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