7 Reasons to have bike insurance before your next road trip

To fulfill their need for adventure and thrill, every motorcyclist wishes to explore the breathtaking terrains, off-road paths, and lush green sceneries.

The whole experience of traveling while discovering new destinations and cultures to add to your travelogue is enlightening and liberating for a biker.

However, one should consider various factors before starting the journey, be it timely service of your vehicle, planning the itinerary, calculating the budget, and the most vital aspect is to buy insurance from a reputable insurance service provider offering online policies like the ones from The Bike Insurer.

To convince you further, let us share with you all the required details to help you understand the need to get your bike insured. 

7 Reasons to have bike insurance before your next road trip

Legal obligation

When it comes to driving on the road, you are legally obliged to comply with certain guidelines as laid down by your state government. Failure to do so will render you liable to pay fines and also receive legal notice that your vehicle has been seized.

Accidental safety

If you meet with an accident, you will receive an amount of compensation based on the type of insurance policy you have. You can use your bike insurance to pay the amount of compensation for the loss of the third party in the accident if you have third-party bike insurance or a comprehensive bike insurance policy.

Financial support

Your bike insurance protects you monetarily in the event of an accident. Dealing with accidents or unfortunate events can be stressful and unpleasant. Organizing finances in these trying times can be difficult. Buying a bike insurance policy will assist you in dealing with these financially stressful situations. 

Theft cover

In case of bike theft, the insurer is liable to cover the cost of the vehicle

equal to your bike’s value in the policy that will safeguard your additional expense while buying a new vehicle. 

Personal cover 

Personal accident coverage is one of the most common types of insurance. 

If you were engaged in an accident while riding your bike, you may file a claim with your bike insurance company and receive a settlement amount to cover the costs of repairing your bike as well as medical expenditures if you were injured.  

Breakdown assistance 

During the voyage, the bike is likely to run out of batteries or develop a technical fault. However, this is a serious condition that could leave you trapped on the road. As a result, getting insurance that includes roadside assistance will ensure that you receive professional assistance to get you back on the road.

Miscellaneous protection

Accidents on the road aren’t the only things that might harm your bike. Your bike’s handlebar may have been damaged by a stone that fell from the balcony, your bike’s tires may have been deflated, or your bike may have gone off on a slope when you parked it.

A comprehensive bike insurance coverage will provide cash reimbursement for any damage caused by events other than a crash.

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