8 Misconceptions of Auto Transport Services Debunked

According to the U.S Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), the Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI) continued to rise in January 2022. The index rose to 1.7 percent compared to January 2020.

To all growing industries, auto transport services included, there is unclear and not so accurate information that makes it difficult for one to trust moving companies to take your car where needed.

The issue with car shipping myths is that they can make it increasingly challenging for clients to relocate their vehicles.

Why? Suppose you think that car transport is too costly for the ordinary person or that transporting a vehicle to another nation will end up causing you stress. In that case, you should consider driving it yourself or hiring somebody to do it for you.

It may appear that driving your own car would save you time, money, and headaches. But there are numerous myths about auto transport. Car shipping is an efficient, secure, and cost-effective method of transporting a vehicle.

This article debunks eight misconceptions about auto transport services to bring clarity to you the next time you need your vehicle shipped.

Inspection of Your Vehicle after Shipping

1. Check for damages

Examine the inside and outside of the vehicle for damage. Examine the locks and other electrical components. This will guarantee that all items are in the same condition as before shipment. Review the Bills of Lading.

2. Evaluate your photographs

If you see any damage that may not have been there earlier, compare your observations to your photographs. This is for confirmation and to alert the business of any discrepancies.

3. Test drive

Check the fluids and other vitals of the car, and give it a brief test drive to confirm that everything is functioning properly.

4. If you discover any damage: – Photograph the damage

– Make sure the company’s representative notes the damage on the bill of lading.

– The driver or business representative must sign the inspection documentation before you drive away with the vehicle.

– Share a documented estimate from a trustworthy mechanic with the shipping company for repairs.

– Provide other pertinent papers, such as photographs, to enable them to file a claim with their insurance provider.
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1. Open Auto Transport Isn’t as Safe as Enclosed

One misconception associated with auto transport services is that of open car transport. Open carriers are safe; hence, they are popular in auto shipping. Open auto transport damages cars in rare cases, so it is a total miss to deem them unsafe.

The open carriers suit all cars. Although once in a while, people prefer an enclosed carrier that provides higher protection in moving their antique or deluxe vehicles.

The car transport companies vary in the mode of carriers they use, but one sure thing is regardless of the mode of transportation, your car will be safe to your desired location.

2. It’s More Expensive to Hire Car Transport Services Than to Drive it Yourself

While driving your car to your destination may seem ideal and convenient compared to hiring auto transport services, it is not! Driving accounts for more car transport costs that you can avoid if you hire a car transport company.

Unfortunately, the misconception that it is safer, cheaper, and more convenient to dive than ship is misleading. Here is why


Cross-country drive-throughs are expensive. When you account for the gas, accommodation, and meals on the road, you incur unnecessary costs by not hiring car transport services.

Driving for long miles also risks your car’s roadworthiness which can cost you additional spending when you repair and service your vehicle.


Time is money, and if this applies to you, you will agree that driving your car does not offer you that.

When you should be handling other important work, you are stuck on the road. It is tiring and time-consuming to move from one state to another, especially with your family on board. Auto transport services are faster and more convenient for you and your family.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) released a statistical projection of traffic fatalities for the first half of 2021, showing an 18.4 percent increase in Americans who died on roads in the United States.

The auto transport services train their drivers on the proper conduct on the road and equip them with the necessary tools to ensure a successful trip.

3. All Auto Transport Companies Are the Same

In every market, there are various service providers. Some are genuine and credible, and others are not so reliable. Deciding what company you trust to transport your car is critical.

Assuming that all car transport companies are the same is a great mistake. Thus, before hiring a company, you must do your research to ensure that the company will safely deliver and not disappoint you.

4. Reading Auto Transport Reviews Matters

In the digital marketing era, auto transport companies need to make a footprint on the web by extending their services to others. Beware of companies with no reviews; a good company will have engagements from past customer experience.

Also, their response to negative comments will paint a picture for you of their customer service. With this information, you can weigh your options and decide on the one that will work for you.

5. Preparing an Automobile for Transport Is Very Difficult

Preparing your car for transportation is not as difficult as the misconceptions claim. It is a simple, quick procedure. Below are a few steps to prep your car transport.

  • Clear out personal belongings
  • Ensure that your gas tank is at least a quarter to avoid bulkiness and possible hazards
  • Have a mechanic examine your car to ensure it is in good condition
  • Clean your car inside and out
  • Take pictures of the interior and exterior features capturing all detail

6. You Should Choose the Lowest Price When Transporting Your Car

Your car shipping is dependent on various factors such as the distance, the model of your vehicle, the season, and the carrier option you prefer. Learn more about the model and size of your car as they make a difference in the quote because different models have different weights.

The high peak season of auto transport services is usually in the summer; thus, car transportation costs fluctuate. The carrier method you prefer may cost you a few more dollars.

For example, the open carrier is the standard form of transportation, but they provide the service at a cost when you request an enclosed carrier.

While it is true that budget is a crucial issue, settling for a company because of a low quote may not be in your best interests. While expensive quotes don’t promise good service, neither does the low quote.

Make an online comparison and see what most companies are charging, and then decide on the company you want. Be sure to hire a company that can compensate you if anything happens to your car.

7. You Can Only Transport Operable Cars

Auto transport companies transport operable and inoperable vehicles. If your car needs fixing by your mechanic in another state, it is possible to transport it though it may cost you a little more because it requires special equipment to load and unload an inoperable vehicle.

8. Auto Transport Services Are Not Safe

Car transport services have high criteria for how they hire their drivers. Additionally, all the drivers handling cars for transport are professionals who have undergone training and have all the required equipment.

The vehicles also have insurance coverage against losses or any damage during transportation. All trucks transporting cars have active trackers that aid in monitoring them at all times; thus, there is accountability.

You Now Know the Truth About Misconceptions of Auto Transport Services

Transporting your car across the state is affordable, easy, and convenient when you have a reliable car transport company to hire. The auto transport services are at your service to give you a hassle-free move, and your car is safe in their care.

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