8 Reasons to Invest in a Custom Work Truck in 2022

When you’re in business hauling cargo and equipment, you need to get items to customers quickly. Time is money. Customers expect what you’re selling promptly, and a custom work truck can do the job!

Getting a custom work truck suits your needs, and there’s also less maintenance. It will improve your workflow and create the opportunity for mobile advertising. Build your business and create loyal customers all in one shot! 

Here are eight reasons to invest in a custom work truck in 2021.  

1. A Custom Work Truck Suits Your Needs

Your business comes with it a specific set of needs for your customers. Whether you haul mobile homes or heavy equipment, a work truck will need custom tools, latches, clips, and components. When you use someone else’s truck, it doesn’t come with these features. 

A custom outfitter can put anything and everything you need and use daily for your custom truck. A customized work truck comes with what you need and no extras! Imagine your work truck full of custom truck accessories suited to your needs. 

When you need a custom work truck suited to your needs, consider TCS Upfitting to customize it for your business. Custom commercial trucks are their specialty!

2. Less Maintenance 

When you own your custom work trucks, there’s less maintenance. Because the trucks are yours, you can do any maintenance yourself. You no longer have to worry about someone else doing any maintenance. 

With fewer things you don’t need on a truck, fewer things will break. Fewer things breaking means less maintenance. 

3. Improved Workflow

A custom truck allows you to get cargo and heavy equipment on and off quickly. It will save you time and make deliveries and service for your customers more efficient. With custom truck accessories, you can get the job done faster.

Improving your workflow means you can do more business in a shorter amount of time. When customers see your improved workflow, they are more likely to recommend you to other business owners.

When you make a delivery, you spend less time offloading your equipment at the warehouse or business. Make five deliveries in one day instead of three!

4. Safety 

Safety is essential to any business owner. You want to make sure the truck you own is safe and suitable to be on the road. Since you will keep the safety records, you’ll know when it needs an inspection or regular maintenance.  

Your employees will also be safe. Since the custom work trucks are yours, your employees will know how to operate each truck. There will be fewer questions than if you rented a different truck each time you serviced a customer. 

5. Security 

When you have custom truck accessories, you likely store other equipment on your truck, such as tools, generators, and even identification badges. You want to ensure those things are secure and don’t get stolen. 

When items get stolen, it means unnecessary downtime for you and your business. You lose money! 

A custom work truck will come with the necessary locks and security measures needed for your business. You can put as many (or as few) as you like on your work truck. 

6. Protects Cargo

Regardless of your business, there’s likely equipment you will take from job to job. The equipment you buy for your business is an investment, and you don’t want it damaged when moved. When equipment breaks, there’s more cost to you.

A custom work truck protects your cargo. Each power washer, lawnmower, jackhammer, bulldozer, or excavator will have its own spot on your truck. You can secure each piece of equipment and keep it working for a long time. 

Nothing will shift in transit when you customize a work truck, and everything will arrive in one piece. When everything comes, you’ll be able to get to work quickly. There’s less downtime, and everything gets done efficiently! 

7. Truck Advertising

One of the best parts of having custom commercial trucks is advertising on the go! No matter where your truck is, everyone can see the name of your business, phone number, website, and social media pages. Once you put the lettering on your custom work trucks, it’s on for good with no additional fees!

Advertising on your vehicles is cost-effective. It also stays local to your market, and you don’t waste money on customers you can’t reach. You can work with a graphic design company, or create your own logo for the truck. 

Imagine taking your work truck advertised with your local to a trade show, county fair, or work-related event. Imagine the customers you can reach! People will see how dedicated you are to serving your customers. 

Mobile advertising is also great for your social media pages. You can take pictures of your custom work truck while it’s on the job. Posting those photographs to your social media pages creates instant likes, shares, and new business!   

8. Cost-Effective

When you own your fleet of custom commercial trucks, you don’t pay lease fees or have to worry about additional costs. You own the vehicles, which likely results in better insurance rates.

When you buy a work truck, you’ll pay a lower interest rate (if you have to finance). You will also likely get a better deal if you are paying cash. Many businesses rather deal in cash rather than go through the bank.

Finances are essential in every business. Regardless of your business, it’s best to keep the money in line. A custom work truck keeps your finances in check and saves you money in the long run. 

Eight Reasons to Invest in a Custom Work Truck in 2021 

A custom work truck suits your needs, and there’s less maintenance, improved workflow, safety, and security. It protects your cargo and allows you to advertise right on the truck! If you are financially conscious, it can be less expensive. 

Consider a custom work truck in 2021. The benefits are fantastic to help keep your customers satisfied and keep your business growing! 

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