8 Ways to Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

Keeping your car’s paint job in perfect condition is a difficult task. Did you know that there are more than 16,000 car accidents each day in the United States? That’s not even accounting for rocks and debris in the road that will chip or damage your car paint. This is where paint protection comes in.

There are a number of things you should do in order to protect your car paintwork and keep your ride looking perfect. Whether it is something to make your paint scratch resistant or just minor things, you should do what you can to protect your paint job.

The good news is that you’ve come to the perfect place for some paint job protection pointers. Continue reading to learn about the eight ways you can protect your car’s paint job.

1. Avoid Bird Droppings

It might sound a tad ridiculous, but bird droppings are very harmful to your paint job. Bird droppings are actually very corrosive and will wear away the protective layer of your car’s paint. The longer that bird droppings are on your paint the more damage they’re going to do. 

Honeydew is another annoying and corrosive thing that you need to be aware of when it comes to your paint job. This sticky film coats your car and does damage to the paint the longer that it stays there. Even worse, it will burn itself into your car’s paint if left sitting in the sun. A protective film like the ones in this article is a great way to prevent damage to your paint.

2. Wash and Clean Your Paint Job Consistently

This might seem obvious, but cleaning and washing your car on a regular basis is a great way to keep your paint in great condition. If possible, avoid using dish detergent to wash your car as it is damaging to your car’s paint. Go to an automotive store and find a high-quality car washing soap to use when you want to wash your vehicle.

It is even better if you use that quality soap with a foam applicator for your car. This is the best approach to take in order to prevent damage to your car paint. Washing your car has other benefits that your car paint will love. It helps to eliminate any damage caused by exposure to the sun and gives your car that like-new shine.

3. Apply a Sealant

In order for a sealant to be effective you’ll need to apply it at least once, and preferably twice, per year. This helps to protect your paint by adding a protective layer over it that acts as a shield. It works by adding a bonding agent to your car’s paint.

Apply the sealant to your car’s exterior using circular motions and make sure you only do one section at a time. That is the best approach to take in order to make sure that you don’t miss any areas of your car. After the sealant changes texture, rub it into the car’s paint with a towel and wipe it clean.

4. Wax Your Car

Waxing is another effective way to keep your car’s paint in great condition. The best time to use a car wax is the day after you apply a sealant to your car paint. A good rule of thumb is to wax your car about one time per month. Paste wax lasts longer than spray wax and it’s more effective at preventing damage to the paint.

Wax is great for combating things like honeydew and bird droppings. These toxic and oxidizing chemicals have a difficult time penetrating the layer of wax and sealant on your car’s exterior. It will help your car continue to look like it is brand new.

5. Synthetic Coating

Another great option for protecting your car paint is the use of a synthetic coating. It works by applying a ceramic or polymer coating directly to the car’s exterior. This coating won’t go anywhere for as long as six months, keeping your paint pristine and your car looking new.

6. Car Covers

One of the easiest ways to keep your car’s paint in great condition is to invest in car covers. This is especially beneficial if your car is parked outside on the street or the driveway. A good car cover will cover the entire car and protect it from the sun as well as bird droppings.

One thing to keep in mind with car covers is that you shouldn’t cover the car immediately after washing it as this creates bacteria and fungi. Always ensure that your car is dry and good to go before covering it with your car cover.

You should also avoid keeping the car cover under the sun when not in use as it will have a negative impact on how effective the core is at protecting your paint. One last thing to remember is that keeping your car covered for periods longer than a week is actually damaging to your paint.

7. Use Sun Panels on Front and Rear Dashboards

Sun panels might seem like an annoying task to put up when you park outside, but they have a ton of benefits. They keep the interior of your vehicle protected from harmful rays and keep the interior temperature cooler. They also help your paint. These panels work to prevent the bleaching of your paint from the harmful rays of the sun.

8. Plating Crystal

Plating crystal is an environmentally friendly way to keep your car paint in perfect condition. It is similar in theory to waxing your car. The benefits of plating crystal come from the high oxidation and hardness it provides. This helps to make your car paint resistant to corrosion and scratches.

Start Maintaining Your Paint Job Today

Nothing is worse than discovering a new scratch or chip in your car’s paint job. Everyone wants to keep their car looking like it is brand new, but there are important things you should do in order to maintain your car paint. Avoid bird droppings and honeydew and invest in a car cover to protect your paint from the sun.

You should also consider applying a film or plating crystal to your car’s paint job as a way to prevent corrosion, bleaching, and scratches. For more helpful and informative articles, check out our website today!

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