9 Facts About Ferrari That’ll Surprise You

What comes to mind when you think of premium sports automobiles? It’s no surprise if a certain prancing horse jumps to mind. Since the 1940s, Ferrari has been an icon of the industry. Today, the name is synonymous with racing and luxury. 

However, while you are sure to be familiar with this brand to some degree, Ferarri has a rich history. 

Keep reading as this guide examines nine facts about Ferrari that’ll surprise you. Soon you’ll have a new understanding of these legendary automobiles. 

1) The Logo Is a Wartime Homage

Enzo Ferrari was encouraged by Count Enrico Baracca to use his son Francesco’s fuselage logo on his cars. Count Francesco Baracca was an ace pilot who died in WWI. Enrico told Enzo the prancing logo design would bring him luck. 

2) Red Was a Default Color

The Ferrari red color known as Rosso Corsa is among the most iconic looks in cars. Yet, they initially used this color because it was the default designation for Italian Grand Prix cars. In the 1990s, more than 80% of Ferrari models were red. 

3) WWII Delayed the Brand

Enzo Ferrari’s first racing department in 1929 developed into Alfa Romeo. However, it wasn’t until the 40s that he began work on the Ferrari brand. However, during WWII, his factory was bombed by the Allied forces twice. 

With these setbacks, they didn’t produce a car until 1947.

4) The Initial Run was Small

In 1947, the first Ferrari model was limited to only two cars. In its debut race, the 125S fuel pumps failed. Enzo Ferrari called the race “a promising failure.” 

With a little tinkering, the 125S cemented its legend by winning the Rome Grand Prix. Unfortunately, these original two models were scrapped to make a new model. 

5) More than 5,000 Wins

Since that first victory, Ferrari has built a history of success. In fact, these racecars have won more than 5,000 sanctioned races. Their resume includes victories at Le Mans, Mille Miglia, and F1 drivers world titles. 

6) Fiat Owns a Big Piece of Ferrari

In the 1960s, Ferrari needed a cash infusion. As such, they sold a 50% stake to Fiat Group (now Fiat Chrysler Group). Then, in 1988, they sold an additional 40%, retaining only 10% of the company.  

However, in 2016, Fiat spun Ferrari off into its own division again. 

7) You Can Rent a Supercar

Most drivers aren’t able to afford a Ferrari. Yet, driving a supercar is still an option. A Luxury Car Rental can give you a taste of the high life for a fraction of the price. Imagine a day driving a Ferrari 458 Spider. 

8) Ferrari has a Theme Park 

It’s only fitting for a company as legendary as Ferrari to have its own theme park. In 2010, Ferrari World opened in Abu Dhabi. The park is dedicated to these automobiles.

It’s complete with the driving experience and the F1 roller coaster. The coaster is the fastest in the world at 150 mph. 

9) The Merch Is Big

These Ferrari facts aren’t all about the cars. As it turns out, the merchandise is a big aspect of Ferrari sales. They make everything from keychains to model cars; they make everything—all this merchandise results in $1.5 billion a year in sales. 

Did You Know These Facts About Ferrari?

These are a few of the interesting bits of trivia and facts about Ferrari. So it’s no surprise they are one of the most storied automobile manufacturers of all time. 

If you found this guide interesting, stick around the blog for other automotive articles.

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