A Guide to the Different Types of Diesel Injectors

Did you know that the average life expectancy of a diesel injector is between 50,000 and 100,000 miles?

Diesel injectors allow fuel to enter the engine and be properly burned, creating power. Getting the best diesel performance for your vehicle isn’t dependent on having a more capable engine.

Having the best diesel fuel delivery is what helps to make your engine more robust and increases your vehicle’s horsepower. Changing your injectors can help your overall performance and give you the boost you want.

But what are the types of injectors, and which one is the best for your vehicle? In this article, we’ll go into the different types that may be available to you.

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Solenoid Activated Injectors

The most common type is the solenoid-actuated injector. It uses a solenoid valve to control the fuel injection.

This system uses an electromagnet to control the opening and closing of the injector. It generates an electromagnetic force due to the passage of an electric current in the solenoid coil. It is necessary to time the opening and closing of the diesel injector to ensure efficiency.

Solenoid-actuated injectors are the most popular type of injectors. This is due to their superior control and fast response. They are also lightweight and compact design. 

LB7 Injectors

The LB7 injector is a type of diesel injector found on GM Duramax engines produced between 2001 and 2004. LB7 stands for light-duty business. It was part of the second generation of direct-injection diesel engines released by GM for diesel vehicles.

These engines featured a high-pressure common rail injection system. They’re designed to precisely control fuel injection.

Different LB7 injector styles include 6-hole, 4-hole, and 7-hole injectors. They offer different levels of atomization and improved engine performance.

The LB7 injectors have become very popular due to their reliable operation. They also have low maintenance costs and are durable. As a result, it is now considered one of the most popular diesel injectors on the market.

Piezo Injectors

Piezo injectors are Bosch-developed injectors characterized by outstanding precision, reliability, and durability. They are pressure-activated. This means they inject fuel into the combustion chamber as soon as the pressure exerted by the injector reaches its maximum.

The design of the Piezo injector ensures quiet operation and minimal vibrations. This makes it an attractive option for those seeking efficient, robust, and low-maintenance engines.

Since their introduction in the early 2000s, they have become a popular addition to modern diesel engines. They are now featured in many commercial vehicles. This includes pickup trucks, work vans, and off-road vehicles.

Pneumatic Injectors

Pneumatic injectors utilize air pressure to force diesel fuel from a pressurized cylinder into the engine. This type of injector provides better atomization of the fuel. It results in more efficient combustion of the fuel.

They produce higher levels of power than other injector types. They are often used in large engines and are more expensive than other injector types.

They need special tools and expertise for maintenance. They also require adjusting between injection cycles. They need more diesel fuel to provide enough air pressure, which can be expensive.

Common Rail Injectors

Common rail injectors are the most used type of diesel injector in modern engines. The injector works by pressurizing fuel to a high level. Then precisely measuring fuel quantity for accurate and consistent combustion.

The injector utilizes a high-pressure pump, rail, and electronic control unit (ECU) to inject fuel at controlled levels. The ECU controls the flow rate, injection timing, and delivery. It also handles fuel pressure to achieve the desired performance from the engine.

Common rail injectors are highly efficient, durable, and reliable. They offer superior combustion control, resulting in improved engine performance and fuel economy. They offer up to twice the power and torque output of a standard diesel engine while using less fuel.

Rotary Injectors

The rotary injector is composed of an electronically controlled fuel pump and an electrically operated fuel valve. It also has a mechanically actuated injection nozzle.

The injector operates on a rotational series of cams and fuel delivery valves. The cams determine the injection pattern timing and fuel quantity delivery.

The fuel delivery valve opens to allow the fuel to be injected into the engine. A spring-loaded plunger in the nozzle is opened and closed to atomize the fuel.

In most systems, the injector has to be manually calibrated for each application. This is to ensure the most efficient operation of the engine.

Piston-Type Injectors

Piston-type diesel injectors are designed to provide improved control of the fuel delivery into the combustion chamber. They feature rigid metal housing and a precision-machined nozzle. They can be adjusted as necessary to adjust the shape of the fuel spray.

This system allows for accurate timing adjustments and better control over fuel delivery. This results in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

They’re used in higher speed and load applications such as in truck and bus engines. This makes them a popular choice for commercial fleet vehicles. They are also a popular choice for performance engines such as those found in racecars.

Spill-Type Injectors

These injectors use an internal spring-loaded plunger to control the fuel intensity and angle. Fuel pressure is applied to the back of the plunger, causing it to overflow and create an even, immaculate spray of fuel.

The time at which the fuel droplets reach their peak while still providing an even spread is known as the “spill point” and controls the combustion process.

Spill-type injectors are favored for their relatively long life and are highly precise for achieving the desired fuel injection pattern. As such, they are commonly found in heavy-duty diesel engines where precision and durability are required in order to ensure efficiency and power.

Identifying the Different Diesel Injectors

Diesel injectors are designed to efficiently fuel diesel-powered engines while minimizing emissions. Different types of injectors are available to meet the needs of specific applications.

It is essential to research and select the right injector for your diesel engine to ensure safe reliable performance. Start researching and shopping around today to get your engine running smoothly and efficiently!

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