According to emails, if this toll road is completed, the Florida panther would go extinct

Due to its declining population, the Florida panther is an extremely rare and endangered animal. However, new information from an email breach indicates that development of a toll road across their habitat will make it harder for them to survive, so those numbers may be considerably lower now. Friends of Animals obtained the emails, which reveal how the project’s backers’ money was going to be spent. the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge is the last refuge for some of North America’s most endangered species of cat — the Florida panther,” it states.

‘It was sincere,’ Schwartz insisted. “Building a parkway close without endangering the panther is tough.”

A Wildlife Service and U.S. Fish spokeswoman declined to acknowledge whether the government agreed with Wrublik’s viewpoint, and Cantrell did not inform the committee of the assignment. At the Monday meeting, the force spoke out against the threat to the panther.

However, in a letter to the Florida Transportation department written in October. That was the opinion of a high-ranking officer in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “Significant concern” was expressed about the programmes’ “possible harmful impacts.”

Larry Williams, the state superintendent of the agency for ecological services, said that building another throughway in any of the study areas would have “massive unfavourable implications” on various forms of natural life, fish and earth resources, including several endangered species. However, no species – not even the panther – would survive without a specific zing.

There was a time when the availablity of Florida panther were widespread throughout the Southeast. In the intervening time, humans have managed to spread it to a minuscule sliver of southwest Florida. If the Caloosahatchee River begins in Lake Okeechobee and ends in Fort Myers, then which area is north of that river?

Learn about the Panthers of Florida:

Mountain lions and cougars, which are both puma species, are the only ones to be found in the Eastern Part Of the country. Scientists have started breeding projects for Florida panthers and cougars, which were formerly considered to be extinct. When there were fewer than 30 wild panthers left in the 1990s. Panthers have come a long way, and there are now estimated to be 200 left in the wild.

Wildlife Conservation Commission of Florida:

It’s the worst danger it’s ever had to deal with. As the Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission stated, 22 of the 26 black panthers killed so far this year were hit by cars and were months or weeks old when they died.

As described by Florida Panther Recovery Implementation Team member and DW senior Florida representative Elizabeth Fleming, developing a new road or upgrading an existing one represents a “backslide to the decades-long panther recovery.”.

Panthers with females have been spotted north of the Caloosahatchee River in recent weeks. She cited a symptom as proof that the general population is healthy enough to overcome this significant barrier.

As much as practicable, this route will cut through the entire region, according to Fleming. Who is on the department’s road task team, if anyone?

The state’s transportation agency is still in the planning stages for new highways. A alternate route might extend the Suncoast Parkway instead of building a toll road linking Polk and Collier counties. The Florida Turnpike would be extended to Georgia and the Suncoast by a second project.

The Department of Transport has yet to decide on the roads they will travel or the costs associated with them. Beth Frady, a Fish and Wildlife spokesperson, said the warning from a US Fish and Wildlife biologist was of little consequence because it was so far away.

Plans could include acquiring and moderating sections. Eliminating jaguar habitat by moving the street or, at the very least, creating natural life intersections at street openings. How can creatures know whether or not they should risk their lives by walking into the line of oncoming traffic? They are frequently used in conjunction with roadside fencing to guide wildlife to the crossings.

The Florida jaguar was helped by Interstate 75, according to Fleming, which connected Naples to Miami. However, the section of I-75 known as “alligator alley” has a few exits and no new construction is planned for the area.

Toll roads are primarily concerned with fostering growth.

Three governors vetoed the plan of building the largest toll road extension in the last 60 years. Senate President Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, reintroduced the proposal in 2000, and the Florida Business community and the Florida Transport Contractors Association-backed it up as well. Road work is expected to bring in millions of dollars for both parties’ companies.

Galvano stated one of the primary motivations for building the highway was to boost rural Florida’s economy.Schwartz stated that developers were “paving and changing Florida’s natural, rural environment into a suburban area. This is what they’re aiming for, right?

The roads were passed by the Legislature earlier this year, and building has gotten underway quickly. It will begin in 2022, according to them. The bill was passed into law by Governor DeSantis in May.

One of the key reasons highways have become so contentious is because of this particular procedure. Typically, road developments begin with extensive studies that cost a lot of money. This research looks at state and municipal transportation officials’ estimates of future demand and other factors. There isn’t any proof to support this claim right now. There is still no indication that roads are required by the Department of Transportation.

As a final thought,

According to Uproad’s email, which he sent while lawmakers were still discussing, they are still disputing. By allowing new residential and business construction on formerly undeveloped territory, this bill Wrublik argues that it will “result in the loss of huge areas of habitats for panthers and other species.”

If this toll road is completed, it’s possible the Florida panther may go extinct. There is a lot of rage about this, as evidenced by the emails we’ve received. Nobody wants this magnificent species to go extinct!

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