All you need to know about falling object injuries


One of the leading causes of accidents and injuries in the workplace is falling objects. According to research, there are more than fifty thousand incidents where falling objects struck people. These accidents lead to severe injury and damage, and these mainly occur in construction sites. The contractors should adhere to safety precautions. However, due to their negligence and lapses, people suffer severe consequences. Again, these falling object injuries are unpredictable and can happen in other locations like in public places, retail stores, or inside your home. In case of any accident, the person affected or injured can file a lawsuit against the person whose irresponsibility had led to the situation. In such cases, it is better to seek the guidance of an expert. So, if you are a victim of a similar situation, you must contact a Dropped or Falling Object Insurance Claim Lawyer in Florida to represent your case.

The injuries and damages caused by the falling objects lead to severe head and neck injuries, thereby enhancing other medical expenses for recovery. These have other consequences like the loss of employment, payment reduction, the cost of physical therapy, permanent physical damage.

The common injuries caused due to falling objects are as follows:

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When some objects fall from a height, it strikes with immense intensity. For instance, if you are waking down the sidewalk and suddenly any object falls from a building on you, it has the power to strike your head and cause brain injury. The concussion has a mild yet traumatic impact on your brain. However, severe brain injury can even alter brain function. Sometimes, people recover from trauma within a few weeks or months, but the victim suffers from long-term damage in some severe cases.


Injury caused by falling objects can cause severe lacerations to your skull. The intensity of the damage depends on the weight, shape, and size of eh falling object. In addition, the injury causes permanent scarring on the skull of the victim. In facial lacerations, the dents and scar are severe and can be removed only with plastic surgery.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

When a heavy object falls from a significant height and injures an individual’s brain, it causes either moderate or severe Traumatic Brain Injury. If the injury is severe, the patient might suffer from permanent damage. The person suffering from mild traumatic brain injuries experiences an inability to speak properly, sensory problems, mental health issues, and even personality changes. Again, in case of severe injuries, the patient may stay in the vegetative state or unconscious state. In extreme cases, the damage leads to death.

Spinal Cord Injuries

The falling objects can also cause severe damage to the spinal cord. As a result, the person may suffer from life-long impacts, which may cause paralysis. In addition, the patient experiences sensory loss along with sexual dysfunction and other mental health issues. Finally, in mild cases, the patient suffers from incontinence which affects the quality of life.

Neck and Back Injuries

The falling objects also inflict severe neck and back injuries hurting the soft tissues of your body. In addition, it causes broken vertebrae and herniated discs. Such damages lead to long-term pain and bodily discomfort. The soft tissue damages and sparing of the ligament and tendon are pretty common side effects of falling objects injury. In these cases, the victim has to undergo surgery, physical therapy, and years of medication.

Bone Fractures

When a heavy object falls on a person from a great height, it hits the person with great intensity and pushes him to the ground. The victim falls on the floor and often fractures his wrist, hip, arms or other bones of his body. Most fractures heal within weeks or months, but critical fractures require complicated orthopaedic procedures like installing plates and screws to repair the damaged bone. In addition, the patient requires physical therapy for a long time to fully recover.

Sites of Accident

The accidents caused by falling objects are most likely to happen at the worksites. The people visiting the worksites and construction sites or the workers are vulnerable to accidents due to the falling of tools and other machinery used in construction sites. The objects may be small or large. Irrespective of the shape, the fall of the metal objects causes severe damages. The pedestrians are at risk of such injuries when they walk by a working site.

Again, the companies use warehouses for storing and dumping all items. If those objects are not correctly organized on the shelves or platforms, the things may topple on someone causing severe injuries. The warehouse workers are vulnerable to such accidents if they do not keep the items while maintaining safety protocols. Similarly in the departmental stores, if the products are not well organized, the things might injure the customers and the staff members. These accidents occur when the heavy boxes are carelessly kept on above the other on the higher shelves in the warehouses and retail stores. It increases the risk of the objects being unstable and toppling. Lack of supervision and negligence causes such accidents.

Legal Assistance

In the case of such accidents, the victim can seek the assistance of legal advisors for filing a suit to claim compensation. If the injury is caused by the negligence of a particular organization, authority, or person, the victim can hold the concerned authority responsible. For example, the victim can contact Louis Law Group, a Dropped or Falling Object Insurance Claim Law Firm in Florida. The legal advisors also help the victim investigate and identify the person or authority responsible for the damage. For instance, if you get injured within the premises of someone else’s property, the property owner is liable to provide the monetary return.


As a result, the property owners take good care of their customers and guests and protect them. In worksites, the authority allows only the people associated with the project to enter the site to evade accidents. Again, the workers on the site must ensure that all their equipment and machines are kept safe and secure. The employees must always be vigilant so that they do not fall on anyone to create serious injuries. However, in the case of any untoward situation, the victim must seek the legal advice of the experts to attain the monetary support to pay for the treatment expenses, as discussed on this Lawyer Roll post. 

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