An Ode to Toyota: What is the Brand Known For?

It takes years to build the level of credibility and trust that Toyota enjoys with its loyal customer base. The brand enjoys a stellar reputation as one of the most popular car makers around, and there are numerous reasons why it consistently wins awards for being one of the most valuable global brands around.

You only have to search for Toyota SLC UT, for instance, and you will see an impressive range of models to choose from. The level of choice available throughout the Toyota range is just one reason why this badge is so well respected. Here are some of the other reasons why Toyota is such a loved and respected car maker.


A name that is synonymous with reliability

One of the fundamental reasons why Toyota is such a respected brand is that it really delivers in terms of reliability across the board.

An impressive number of Toyota vehicles that left the showroom as much as 20 years ago are still seen on the road today. Considering that an estimated 20 percent of Toyota vehicles that have celebrated their 20th birthday remain running and serving their owners, that should confirm exactly why this car maker has earned such a strong reputation for reliability and durability.

Safety has always been a top priority

Every driver wants to know that the car they are driving has a good number of safety and design features that help to protect them in the event of an accident or collision.

Toyota owners can rest easy on that score. It is a brand that always ranks highly when the awards for safety are handed out by industry experts.

Models in the Toyota range, such as the Corolla, Highlander, and Camry, are prime examples of cars that have been recognized for their safety features. The Institute for Highway Safety has pinpointed these models, among others in the Toyota range, as top safety picks.

A warranty you can rely on

If a car manufacturer is prepared to offer you a comprehensive warranty program, that is a clear indication of the confidence they have in their own brand.

ToyotaCare is the manufacturer’s warranty that sets a high bar for other brands to compete with. It really helps any driver to know that if something goes wrong or needs fixing, Toyota is committed to putting things right in the fairest and most expedient way possible.

An eye on the future

You also want to know that a car maker has thought carefully about how their models will evolve to meet changing consumer demands and legislative requirements. Toyota has already been credited with leading the way with eco-friendly options such as the Prius. This is a model that has demonstrated that you can enjoy a great driving experience and performance as well as significant fuel economy.

Whether you are looking at reliability, safety, performance, or even the resale value of your car, it is easy to see why Toyota is the name that many buyers are happy to turn to when looking at their purchasing options.

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