Are Brakes Covered Under Warranty?

Your car is only as strong as its weakest part. The only place where all components of a car come together is the braking system.

All the major parts of your car can be reliable until the brakes malfunction — but are brakes covered under warranty?

You must prioritize brake care or it’ll be the end of your vehicle. While a car’s other parts can work for quite a long time without being serviced, eventually something will give up.

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Understand What Factory Warranty Covers

Most car warranties will provide some coverage for brakes, but the type of coverage can vary. Many manufacturers will offer bumper to bumper coverage for brakes, which will cover parts and labor associated with brake system repairs.

Other warranties may only cover the brakes and not pay for any fixes. Also, some warranties may only cover the repair or replacement of brake pads or rotors, while others may cover any broken parts of the brake system.

When reviewing a car warranty, it is important to understand exactly what type of coverage is provided for the brakes.

Considering Wear and Tear

Brakes will wear over time, and it isn’t expected that a warranty will cover wear and tear due to normal use. Some warranties will cover defects in brake components that are not caused by normal wear and tear, such as a faulty caliper or rotor.

A manufacturer may have special coverage for brakes in certain conditions. This is true for long-distance drivers who may have brakes wear out faster than average. It’s important to check and understand the terms of the warranty before attempting to have any component covered. Make sure that normal wear and tear is not the cause of any defect.

Find Out About Limited Warranties

Most limited warranties cover manufacturer defects. It is unlikely to cover normal wear and tear or maintenance and service items such as brakes. Brakes operate under extreme pressure and tend to wear out more than other components of a vehicle.

They are also an integral part of safety and thus require frequent maintenance. It is important to understand that brakes are typically not covered under the warranty.

Ask About Extended Warranties

Brakes are a very important part of a vehicle and require regular maintenance, inspections, and replacement parts. Without brakes, a car is dangerous and can’t be driven. Brakes generally aren’t included in a standard warranty, although some manufacturers do offer them.

Traditional extended warranties and electric vehicle extended warranty protection generally cover repairs and replacements for brakes that are beyond their normal wear and tear. If you’re considering an extended warranty, make sure to ask about coverage for brakes so that you’re aware of the limitations and what is included.

Are Brakes Covered Under Warranty

In conclusion, the answer to the question “Are Brakes Covered Under Warranty” depends on the type of warranty that you have. Generally, brake components are not covered but other warranty types and extended warranties may provide coverage.

If in doubt, check your warranty or speak to a qualified automotive mechanic for more information.

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