Are Diesel Engines Better Than Gas Engines? 5 Key Facts

Historically, America has underestimated the diesel engine. While diesel engines are very common in Europe, in the US, trucks have been the only vehicles to take advantage of diesels.

Yet are diesel engines better than petrol engines? In many ways, the answer is yes!

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how diesel engines and gas engines compare, so you can figure out which one is right for you.

Are you ready to learn more? Then read on!

1. Better Fuel Economy

If you drive a lot, you know that keeping fuel costs down can significantly ease the strain on your wallet. So you’ll be pleased to hear that diesel engines tend to have far better fuel economy than their gasoline-driven cousins.

This is because, put simply, diesel engines produce more energy from less fuel than gasoline engines. Fuel injection systems can make the gulf even wider, which is fantastic for diesel cars and trucks.

Yet does better fuel economy mean worse performance? Modern turbodiesels tend to produce pretty much as much power as gasoline engines. The only noticeable difference is that diesel engines tend to have a slightly more lumpy power curve when compared to gasoline engines.

2. Often Have Lower Maintenance Rates

Diesel engines are preferred for trucks because they’re very hard-wearing. They tend to last longer between faults than gasoline engines.

Of course, they do still need maintenance. When it comes to this necessity (which you should read more about), diesel engines aren’t any harder or easier to work on than gasoline engines.

If you can work on a gas engine, you’ll be able to adapt to the differences of diesel engines pretty easily.

3. Better Torque

While diesels may be slightly slower than gasoline engines, they do have an ace up their sleeve. Thanks to the high compression ratios, diesel engines tend to produce a lot of torque, which is another reason they’re often found in trucks.

If you want a vehicle that can tow heavy loads, a diesel engine is a fantastic option.

4. Lower Taxes

Tax is often based on the amount of CO2 that the engine produces. As diesel engines tend to produce less CO2, you’ll usually pay less tax on a diesel vehicle than a gasoline version of the same car.

This also means that diesel engines are better for the environment than their equivalent gasoline engine, so you can feel happy about helping out the Earth, too.

5. Less Risk of Fire

Diesel will still ignite (that’s how your car or truck can use it in the engine, after all), but it’s a lot harder to ignite than gasoline. This means that diesel engines have a lower risk of fire than gasoline engines.

Are Diesel Engines Better?

So, now we come to the big question. Are diesel engines better, or not?

For many use cases, the answer is yes! Despite being underrepresented in the USA, there’s a reason they’re very popular in other countries, so why not consider using one in your next vehicle?

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