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Atul Auto rickshaw

Atul Auto Limited is an Indian company that specializes in the manufacturing of three-wheeler commercial vehicles. Established in 1986, Atul Auto is based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. The company primarily focuses on the production of diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas) three-wheelers.

Atul Auto Rickshaw is known for manufacturing auto-rickshaws, which are three-wheeled motorized vehicles widely used for passenger transportation in many parts of the world. Auto-rickshaws are popular in urban and rural areas for short-distance travel, offering a cost-effective and efficient mode of transportation.

Atul Auto rickshaw Price In India: ₹2.66 – ₹2.95 Lakh

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Key points about Atul Auto Limited:

Passenger Models: Atul Auto rickshaw produces auto-rickshaws designed for passenger transport. These vehicles typically have a cabin at the rear to accommodate passengers, and the driver sits in the front.

Variety of Models: The company offers a variety of models to cater to different customer needs and preferences. These models may vary in terms of seating capacity, engine type (diesel or CNG), and features.

Cargo Models: In addition to passenger models, Atul Auto also manufactures cargo-carrying variants of auto-rickshaws. These are designed to transport goods and can be used for small-scale cargo logistics.

Compliance with Regulations: Auto-rickshaws manufactured by Atul Auto are designed to comply with relevant safety and emission standards set by regulatory authorities.

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Market Presence: Atul Auto rickshaws have a significant market presence in India and are used by many drivers and fleet operators for daily commuting and transportation services.

Product Range: Atul Auto manufactures a range of three-wheeler vehicles, including passenger and cargo carriers. These vehicles are commonly used for commercial purposes, especially in the last-mile transportation segment.

Variants: The company offers various models and variants of three-wheelers to cater to different market segments and customer requirements.

Fuel Options: Atul Auto provides vehicles that run on diesel as well as CNG. The CNG models contribute to a more environmentally friendly transportation option.

Market Presence: Atul Auto has a significant presence in the Indian market. Its three-wheelers are widely used for transporting goods, passengers, and in various other applications.

Export: In addition to serving the domestic market, Atul Auto has also explored export opportunities to markets in Africa, Latin America, and other regions.

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