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Auto detailing is the art, process, and craft of very comprehensive cleaning and restoration of vehicles to help them look new again. Auto detailing services are not the same thing as an ordinary car wash. This is because the former is a lot more thorough, demanding, and precise than your typical in and out car wash. The amount of detail that goes into a session of auto detailing takes time, patience, and plenty of pride in your work.

In most instances of the car wash, all that is done is that the car is passed through an automated system that mainly cleans the exterior of the car. In some cases, a hose is used to do the cleaning of the exterior of the car. On the other hand, professional auto detailing services are not done using machines; everything is done manually, so every part of the car is covered.


Parts of Auto Detailing

As hinted in the sections above, auto detailing is not just cleaning a car to make it shine, but a meticulous technique that assists in increasing the life span of the car by utilizing products and methods that minimize environmental elements like brutal winters, sunlight, and dirt and so on.

Proper restoration or maintenance of any vehicle is to ensure that they look excellent on the inside and outside just the same way they were when driven out of the car shop. Auto detailing is often carried out before a resale, as it has the potential to increase the resale value of a car and attract attention. Auto detailing can only be done by experts or well-trained professionals who have the necessary skills, knowledge, products, and tools.

Overall, auto detailing can be divided into two main categories, and these are exterior and interior (or cabin). There is an array of products and services that concentrate on these areas, and these will be discussed in the sections below.

  • Exterior Auto Detailing

This part of auto detailing involves cleaning and even restoration and beyond the initial condition of the surface of the automobile’s finish (typically a paint that has a glossy finish), wheels, chrome trim, tires, windows, and other parts of the car’s exterior. In exterior auto detailing, several techniques and products are utilized, and this is dependent on the surface of the vehicle, its type, condition, and the preference of the customer or the detailers.

Some of the products utilized in exterior auto detailing include surfactants, detergents, waxes, degreasers (used for dissolving soil and dirt), detail clay (to get rid of surface contaminants), silicone dressings, non-silicone dressings, which are used for the tires and plastic trims. For resurfacing and to optimize the reflectivity of the paint finish, polishes and buffing compounds are used.

  • Interior Auto Detailing

Just as anyone can gather from the name, interior auto detailing is a process that involves a very deep and comprehensive cleaning of all parts of the interior cabin of the automobile. No part is left out, and it consumes a lot of time, energy, and resources. Doing interior auto detailing of cars is not an easy task, and this is mainly because of the nature of the materials and substances used. These include materials like plastics, natural fibres, vinyl, synthetic carpet upholstery, carbon fibre composites, and others. All these items need to be thoroughly cleaned, and to do this, several techniques, styles, and products are utilized.

Vacuuming is a must, and for the removal of stains on the upholstery, brushes, foam, or liquid chemicals, and steam cleaners are used. For cases where there is mold or fungus in the interior of the car, cleaning can be done using vinegar. Mold or fungus is most likely to appear on either the dashboard or the seats made of leather.

Extra Car Detailing Services

Apart from the services of auto detailing that have been described above, there are also some auto detailing ventures that offer extra services such as:

  • Ceramic Coating: Ceramic Coating itself is a kind of liquid polymer that is applied to the outer part of the vehicle to offer a layer of protection for the paint. It is typically utilized as an option of premium wax.
  • Paint Protection Film: Also referred to as PPF, this is a light film made from polyurethane, and is utilized because it assists in offering protection to the car paint. This protection defends it from ultraviolet radiation, acid rain, stones, scratches, mineral deposits, and a lot more. The PPF service provides a lot more long-lasting protection for the car paint when compared with ceramic coating.
  • Paint Correction Service: In this service, all the flaws that are present on the external layer of the car paint are removed. These flaws or defects can be in the form of oxidation or dull paint. A vast majority of detailers involved in paint correction make use of a rotary machine polisher so they can get the maximum effect.

Auto Detailing Today

Today, the auto detailing industry is expanding faster than we imagined, and globally, it is now worth billions of dollars. This explains why new entrants are joining the sector daily. As long as certain conditions are met, anyone can become an auto detailer.

Running your car through a normal carwash will wash the dirt off, but it doesn’t have the power to keep your car in pristine condition. Auto detailing keeps your car clean and offers protection to the exterior against natural elements the car is exposed to. Detailing extends the life of your automobile and helps to retain the resale value while also ensuring the following:

  • Auto detailing removes hazardous particles from the car to protect drivers against sickness and allergy attacks
  • A clear, clean windscreen, mirrors, and windows will ensure drivers see everything around them clearly, which will help to avoid accidents.

Regular auto detailing will help people to enjoy their cars for longer, save money in the long run, and to add value to their cars when deciding to sell.

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